Find out what our General Manager Sarah got up to at this month’s BETT show!

Our lovely general manager Sarah has only just recovered after attending the annual BETT (British Education Training and Technology) show this month! The BETT show is an important event in the industry as a means of showcasing and discussing the future of education technology. Sarah came away with an overflowing list of ideas and companies to partner with. Watch this space as we have some exciting news in the coming months. We interviewed Sarah to find out more: 

What is the BETT show?

The Bett Show is an annual trade show held in London where companies come together to showcase their educational technology products and ideas.

What were you hoping to find at the show? 

Our aim was to find innovative applications and resources for us to incorporate into the company to give our Breadies and Buddies the best of the best in terms of educational technology. 

What was the most interesting thing you discovered at the show?

The most interesting product we discovered is difficult to choose as there were so many. I would say that it had to be a company that we are currently working to partner with to bring speech recognition software to China for the reading of books. We will be working together to research and develop this software in order for it to recognise the voices of our Chinese students reading English books. This will be a giant step in terms of educational technology and will help our students to develop their pronunciation outside of their sessions with our Buddies. 

What’s next for IQBar?

We have a lot of exciting projects that we will keep you up-to-date with over the coming weeks. We will be partnering with different companies and introducing applications and software that will make us stand out from the crowd. There are exciting times ahead!