IQBar is an online learning platform providing quality one-to-one online lessons to Chinese students taught by qualified English teachers. It caters for students of all ages in learning English as well as improving in academic subjects, interview preparation and business English practice.

IQBar was first established in Beijing in 2015, and then in Britain the following year by founders Helen Cao and her mother May. It has been growing rapidly ever since. IQBar began life as a platform for Chinese students to learn about the culture of Britain before coming to study at British universities.

My objective was to create an opportunity for speakers of other languages to become more confident and comfortable when communicating in English.

Helen CEO

“I founded IQBar, an online mentoring platform, because I was determined to bridge the existing cultural gaps between British and international students. My objective was to create an opportunity for speakers of other languages to become more confident and comfortable when communicating in English. 

As an international student myself, I myself experienced a number of challenges while adapting to life in the United Kingdom. From struggling to understand the cockney accent, to learning to look the opposite way when crossing roads, to even realising that British people love to drink beer …and I mean A LOT! 

These subtle differences were actually new to me, and many were initially difficult for me to become accustomed to. My mission in creating IQBar was to help international students overcome cultural boundaries by connecting them with English-speaking tutors from around the world. By enrolling in our online programme, students will both practice speaking English and also become more familiarised with British cultural norms and values!”

Helen, IQBar’s CEO

Since then, IQBar has expanded. We currently have over 130 active teachers and are hiring around 10 new teachers a week. Not only that, but our Beijing office has recently moved office, doubling the number of employees to 100. We now not only help students looking to study in the UK, but people of all ages looking to learn English at any level using Cambridge University materials. Our academic sessions cover a range of subjects, from economics to law, English literature to American history, and our Buddies are constantly developing new resources to aid the sessions every day. 

Our fortnightly timetable system allows Buddies complete flexibility in working hours. Buddies can choose to work flexitime – working when they like, or to be contracted for certain hours each week. IQBar aims to match teachers with their preferred age and ability level and each Buddy is offered the chance to hold a seminar for Buddies to help showcase their abilities and teaching style. 

IQBar prides itself on offering rewards, incentives and opportunities for development. Each month, Buddies meet with our Teaching Quality Manager to discuss how they are doing, what they are doing well and what can be improved. On top of this, every month the league table is released with those at the top rewarded with bonuses for their efforts. We have three awards we give out each month, the Progress Award, Availability Award and Young Learner Award to acknowledge hard working buddies, each receiving £30. We also award all successful taster sessions with £20 so there are endless opportunities to earn extra. 

As the company is constantly expanding, we are always on the lookout for people to join our team. If the management see a Buddy with potential for an extra role, or a Buddy is looking to progress further within the team, IQBar will always try and find or create a role.

This year, IQBar is aiming high and looking to become the biggest online provider of English lessons in China. Join us and we can achieve excellence together.