Hi everyone! 

I have been a member of the IQBar team for a couple of months now and fully in the swing of teaching Breadies, but this week I had the opportunity to do my first Bready seminar! I wasn’t sure what I had let myself in for, but when Sarah said it was about St. Paddy’s day then I knew it could be fun.

Not wanting to sound nervous or show that I was questioning my sanity, I casually asked how many students there might be. “Oh, not sure” said Sarah, “could be as many as 60”


Eek, I pictured 60 kids all shouting and yelling about leprauchans and shamrocks and me not being heard above the din! But I shouldn’t have worried, 25 beautifully behaved (almost!) Breadies turned up and we all learned (yes me included!) great facts about St. Patrick.

I will honestly admit that I didn’t know he was Welsh, just assumed he was Irish. Who knew right? Anyway, the seminar was a great thing to do, really built my confidence and I would happily do another one. I recommend anyone having a go, it’s fun. A special mention however goes to Selina, a Bready, who is always super enthusiastic and happy to answer all the questions! No awkward silences waiting for an answer when she is there! 

Nicola has been working for IQBar since January and frequently appears in our monthly league table!

2018-03-18 01:42