Today IQBar will officially be launching its new Picaro courses for young learners. Picaro is an interactive and innovative course which uses games, characters and proven English learning methods to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for Breadies. The course has been developed in cooperation with Cambridge English Language Assessment which means our Breadies will be tested to the highest level. It is an exciting time for the company which is constantly looking to improve its teaching resources, both for the benefit of the Breadies and the Buddies. 

So what does this mean for Buddies?

Only the taster sessions will be launching this week giving Buddies a chance to get to grips with the new materials before the whole course of normal sessions is introduced too. Already there has been a launching meeting and a Q&A but for anyone who missed it and for anyone who is interested in learning about IQBar’s new technology, here is a brief explanation of the Picaro taster materials and how they work. 

What is a taster Picaro session and what is included? 

Before Breadies sign up to IQBar, they are offered two free taster sessions. Although most Breadies only need one taster session, we offer two tasters so potential Breadies and their parents can make sure they are completely happy with the course teaching style before signing up. Both tasters offer completely different material so at no point in the trial period is the student covering something twice. These tasters not only help the Bready decide, but help the Buddy assess the Bready’s level and make sure they are working to the right content. The Picaro taster sessions are currently for our students ages 3 – 12.

The new taster materials take the Bready on an adventure, introducing the nine main Picaro characters and the many Picaroons (small creatures) who will help them along the way. Each taster session includes a main topic – for example, how to describe people – alongside grammar exercises, and games. The content in each session progressively gets harder so the Breadies really learn within the initial taster session whilst also allowing the Buddy to fully understand the Bready’s needs. Each taster session includes a song which Buddies can choose in the media folder of the classroom and ends with an opportunity to talk. This allows the students to use some of what they’ve learnt during the session and get to know their Buddies! 

There are four levels to Picaro, which cover our current first six levels. 

Picaro Level 1

These sessions are for our newest learners to the English language. No prior knowledge is needed before embarking on this taster. Included in the session is: colours, numbers, introducing yourself, my body, school objects, family, my day. 

Picaro Level 2 

The two level 2 tasters cover vocabulary (food, hobbies, numbers, times), phonics and reading comprehension.

Picaro Level 3 

The two tasters for level 3 include: how to describe people, grammar, gap fill exercises, unjumble words, and pirate treasure map. The session, like the continuation of Level 3is filled with stories, dialogues and information texts.

Picaro Level 4

Our current highest Picaro level includes: vocabulary (clothes, musical instruments, travel, activities, months, grammar (near future and present perfect), and reading comprehension. This level is a lot more challenging than our current level 4 tasters with longer passages to read and more complex vocabulary, forcing our Breadies (and Buddies!) to go the extra mile with their English learning whilst at the same time keeping it light and enjoyable. 

Within all the tasters and the rest of the materials, the same characters and families are used throughout meaning everyone involved becomes familiar. The regular opportunities to talk allow the Breadies to practice all they have learnt and to develop relationships with their Buddies forming a trusting and friendly environment for them to continue expanding their English skills. 

We are very excited to be releasing this Picaro series as we feel it is the most dynamic and memorable experience for both students and teachers of English language. We hope you enjoy using them and look forward to hearing your stories and seeing everyone involved progress! 

If you have any questions, please contact us at: or find us on our social media pages!