This week we introduced the Blog Contribution award where each week we reward one Buddy £10 for writing something on the Blog for our community!

Writing a blog post can be quite daunting at first but once you get started it can be an enriching and enjoyable experience – dare I say it a little bit addictive!

If you’d like to write for the blog but are in need of some ideas, please read our earlier post which has a few suggestions – otherwise feel free to contact us on wechat or using

Here are a few guidelines we’ve put in place for blog posts if you would like the chance to get the contributor award!

  • Word length of 1000 words to make a meaty and enjoyable read.
  • Friendly tone of voice!
  • The blog posts will be aimed at current Buddies but also people who are interested in joining the IQBar community so consider who your audience is!
  • I’ll be able to proofread and suggest slight changes so don’t worry about any minor mistakes you think may be included.
  • If you have any pictures you’d like to include, please do! If there are any including Breadies we will have to cover their faces unless they have given permission for privacy reasons.

And for tips…

  • If you’re struggling at the beginning, get down on paper (or on screen) anything that comes to mind and you can rearrange it later.
  • Maybe do a little plan beforehand to help you order your words and work out exactly what it is you want to say.
  • You could have a look through previous blog posts if you need a little inspiration.
  • Feel free to make it humorous or personal! One of the best parts of being a Buddy at IQBar is the wide range of people, places and experiences we all get to share so you can put this into your post if you feel like it.
  • When thinking about what to write – think about what you wish you’d known when starting out or something you’ve recently discovered which makes life a lot easier. Has there been a technique you’ve been using that is helping keep young students engaged? Is there a homework task that has increased your Bready’s ability to remember vocabulary? Do you live in America and would like to share your experience with others?
  • As a general writing rule – short sentences are best. Other than this, the blog is your space to get creative and share ideas. Enjoy it!

I hope this has been useful. Please do feel free to message me (Harriet) whenever and I will give you any advice you need. Buddies have so much talent and interesting things to share that I am excited to see the posts in the coming weeks!