This week we’re excited to announce the introduction of our new Buddy Welcome packs!

We understand that lessons are much more engaging and entertaining when varied and multidimensional – that’s why we’ve introduced the Buddy Props Pack which will be sent out to all contracted Buddies! Within the props pack there are a number of fun and colourful tools and accessories to draw the Breadies’ attention to you and can be used in conjunction with the online whiteboard. These props will allow the Bready to stay focused as lessons are more two-dimensional. They can engage with you and the props as well as the content on the slides.

So what is in the props pack?

Each Buddy Prop Pack contains:

  • A wiggler puppet

A fun wiggling finger puppet-come-teaching companion who can entertain our younger Breadies by joining in activities and helping shy Breadies feel relaxed.

  • Magnetic whiteboard

We thought we’d spoil you with both an online and at home whiteboard! This is the perfect tool for filling in missing letters, teaching phonics or drawing bad pictures of cats.

  • Marker pens x4

In a range of colours so you can categories and underline in different colours on the whiteboard.

  • Magnetic letters and numbers

Who doesn’t love spelling out new vocabulary in magnetic letters? Fun for both Bready and Buddy! Especially good if you’re doing a word jumbling exercise.

  • Photobooth props

To add some humour to your sessions! Make your Breadies giggle with tiny moustaches and glasses – good for guessing games and for new vocabulary. An excellent way to regain the attention of young Breadies whose minds have started to wander.

For our Flexi Buddies – don’t worry, there will be a Welcome Pack being sent out with information on teaching, planning and FAQs as well as an IQBar poster to help make our Buddy workspaces look professional.

 We can’t wait to see you using your props in action!