Your Bready is lagging. Perhaps it’s a hot day, perhaps they’ve spent too much time in the classroom today already and they’re feeling tired, or perhaps they find the topic you’re looking at boring.

How do you pull them back from the fidgeting abyss and get them engaged with the materials again? We’ve put together 6 ways to help you get your Bready back on track!

Tone of voice

We’ve already looked at tone of voice on the blog but this is definitely something to consider. If you’re sounding bored your student will in turn become bored and stop listening. A sudden change in tone and an injection of energy will wake the Bready up too. Students are very susceptible to their teacher’s emotions

Change the activity

If you’ve spent 15 minutes on the difference between similar and difference and they still haven’t got it, perhaps it’s time to give up and move onto the next activity. You can always return to the same activity in a different form later on.     

Whilst it is important the Bready understands most points, going over something for long periods of time can get repetitive and frustrating for the Bready.

Pull out a prop!

Luckily for you, IQBar will soon be sending out the prop packs complete with hand puppets, little moustaches and a mini whiteboard so you can suddenly create a visual change and get the student to interact with you through the webcam. Of course, this only really works for our youngest Breadies!

Get your Bready to stand up and wiggle

Maybe even get them to do some of the session standing up. This means that they are not sat down getting sleepy and can move around. Get them to run and find things, get them to show you round the room. There are lots of ways you can link the content of the session with what is around your student. My old geography teacher used to ask ‘where’s the geography in that?’ and he strongly believed there was geography in everything. The same applies to language.

Leading on from that… Get your student to talk to you about whatever it is that’s distracting them

If they’re playing with a toy or scribbling something on the whiteboard, pause the lesson and get them to tell you about what they’re doing/what they’re playing with and try and sneak in some of the lesson. They’re playing with a toy robot? Get the Bready to tell you about the shapes, whether it’s big or small, is it theirs or their brother’s? If they’re drawing something, ask they what it is and get them to explain it to you.

How do you regain attention Buddies? Comment below or send me a message at and I’ll add it to the blog post later on!