One of IQBar’s primary beliefs is that Buddies should feel supported and to have room to develop. As the management team is made up of a number of teachers, we know all too well that to be a good teacher is to constantly learn yourself. Because of this, we started offering free Cambridge Online Teaching courses which contracted Buddies can complete in their spare time to develop their skills in grammar, teaching methods and a number of other key elements of teaching English.

The Cambridge Teacher Development courses are aimed to provide Buddies with additional training in different areas across ELT. These can be done in the Buddies’ spare time or can be done in their unbooked contracted slots to help them develop further and get more bookings. We strongly believe in CPD (continuous professional development) and have introduced these courses to aid in developing Buddies’ weaker areas, for which we would suggest a specific course, or even to learn about a new area, such as preparing Breadies for certain English exams.” Sarah Spargo, IQBar’s General Manager

So what are the courses on offer?

 Currently contracted Buddies can enrol in:

Teaching Primary Learners Communicatively

Motivating Teenage Learners

Understanding Assessment 

Learning Oriented Assessment

How to teach IELTS

How to teach Cambridge English: Key (KET) for Schools

How to teach Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) for Schools

How to teach Cambridge English: First (FCE)

Teaching Vocabulary and Pronunciation

Teaching Grammar 

Teaching Speaking

There is no limit to the number of courses you can take. We have Buddies who are only just starting courses, and we have Buddies who have already completed four and thinking about the next. The importance is that Buddies can develop at their own speed. These courses are 20 hours, starting whenever and wherever you like.

The materials are invaluable for Buddies at all levels, allowing you to build on any qualifications you’ve already had or offer the groundwork for Buddies who have not yet received a TEFL qualification. Cambridge English certificates are universally acknowledged so this will not only mean development within IQBar but also for your wider teaching development. On top of this, you can send us your Cambridge certificates so they can be uploaded to your Buddy profile, meaning Breadies will be able to see your progress and pick you with confidence.

“This course has really helped me to focus on the way I approach my lessons, in particular the way I start a new topic and also the way I correct spoken mistakes. I like the way the course goes into depth about the different elements of teaching speaking, something I had never come across before, so it has been incredibly helpful. I highly recommend the courses, plus, you get a funky certificate at the end!” Debbie – Teaching Speaking   

“I took Teaching Primary Learners Communicatively and found it really helpful. It had lots of detailed lesson/activity plans that can be adapted to both online learning and a traditional classroom, and videos of effective teaching techniques. Throughout the course I learned lots of small tips and tricks that I have already applied to my lessons with young learners that increased their comprehension and retention and made the lessons more engaging for them. It was generally very helpful as I had no previous experience with children, and it helped me understand how they learn best.” Jessica – Teaching Primary Learners Communicatively

“The Cambridge Teacher courses are awesome, I have learnt so much. They are both beneficial to us and our Buddies. Thank you IQBar for this amazing opportunity.” Marion – Teaching Speaking, Teaching Grammar and Teaching Vocabulary and Pronunciation

If you’re a contracted Buddy and would like to enrol in one of the Cambridge courses, please contact Sarah to receive the course and activation code, after that you simply need to log in, join as a class (not as self study) and you can begin!

If you have any questions about the Cambridge courses, please contact us by email at or message us on Wechat.