Teaching can be a daunting process, and online teaching has the potential to feel isolated. You’re at home, you’re potentially only speaking to your students, there’s no way of knowing how well you’re doing or how you can progress…

It’s different at IQBar. We like to help our teachers as much as we can, both through fostering a sense of community with both the management team and the community of Buddies, and by providing lots of support and resources for teaching and development.

There are so many resources on offer, in fact, that it can be quite difficult to navigate sometimes! So we’ve put together this handy little post with all the places and links you’ll need to help you on your way.

The Padlet

An excellent resource for new and veteran Buddies alike, the Padlet is full of tips, examples, and games to help you through every stage of teaching. This can be help with writing your introduction when you first apply, all the way through to sharing an activity which helps young Breadies learn the colours by colouring in characters’ hair.

You can find the linkhere 

It is also on the padlet you can find likes to…

The Buddy Seminars!

Each week, Daniel, our Teaching Quality Manager, hosts a seminar looking at key areas of IQBar teaching which he feels could benefit Buddies. Recent examples have been how to adapt to students with learning difficulties, how to teach phonics, and how to write an informative review for the next Buddy. These normally occur on Thursday and you can find the link to the seminars in the Wechat group.

Watch recordings here

The Dropbox

Our community is excellent at sharing resources and worksheets they’ve created in our communal Dropbox. This can include specific areas such as using the present simple, how to use the short a phoneme and more. We even have a monthly award for those who contribute to this group so not only can you benefit from the resources, but also benefit from sharing!

You will be sent the Dropbox link when you join IQBar and from then on can share and download away!


IQBar have recently let three new Vloggers on the lose! Trudie, Kyle and Marc have been busy making videos helping with all areas of IQBar life and you can find these, as well as our Science and Craft videos, on our Youtube channel here

Feedback and Filio

Our Teaching Quality Consultants are on hand to review sessions, offer advice and congratulate the good work Buddies are doing. Either weekly or fortnightly depending on need, our consultants will give you a target so you always have something to work on, without needing to worry whether what you’re doing is right or not. Don’t worry! This is not something to feel nervous about, the consultants are there to give you a helping hand and notice all the good work going on!

General advice

And of course, if ever you are in need of advice, the IQBar chat group is the perfect place for everyone to help out and offer suggestions.

If you would like to chat in a more private way, Daniel is always there to help, either through messaging through Wechat or by arranging a video call through Timify.

So there you have it! If you need any more help, or want to ask us a question, please either drop us a message on Wechat or contact us by email on socialmedia@iqbar.co.uk