Moving on on our road trip, we head away from the south and move to the north of England. (Midland Buddies, if you would like to contribute and represent your area, send us a message!) About 40 minutes by train from Manchester and only an hour from the Peak District, you will find the town on Crewe where Abigail, our Trial Buddy Coordinator comes from. Crewe is most famously known for its railway station which acts as a meeting point of trains coming from the Midlands and the South, to those spreading across the North.

Now, anyone who hasn’t been to the UK may not know about the North/South divide that is an often-discussed topic amongst the English. England, more so than the rest of the UK, is divided in the middle with broad stereotypes bouncing about between the two sides. The Midlands, a you can guess the ‘mid’ section of England, are tasked with fighting for their own identity as those in the south believe it to be the north, and those in the north believing the region to be southern! The south, where you can find London and the ‘home counties’ is seen to be a little posher, and the north, colder and more down-to-earth. The differences range from how each side drinks tea, whether they call the evening meal supper or dinner, and the wide variety of accents on each side. It is something that is often a funny conversation topic when people from each side meet!

But returning to Crewe, the town developed after the railway industry and network developed there, naturally forming into a town in 1849. As Abigail explains, the biggest features of the town are the parks, with the biggest being the Queen’s Park which are beautiful to walk through, and the beautiful old steam trains which many families ride at the weekend.

It is also in Crewe where the Daleks were made for the hit tv show Doctor Who. If your students don’t know about Doctor Who – or if you reading this don’t know, it is a hugely popular BBC TV series about a time traveller who explores time and space, saving planets from alien invasions. It has been running now since 1963 and shows no signs of slowing. Perhaps introduce it to your Breadies as it is family friendly and could prove to be a great way to practice English.

To get away from the TV screen and to explore more of the nature surrounding this area of the UK, there is endless fields and hills to walk.

I grew up there and it’s a nice place, I loved the fact that a 10 minute drive away you could be in the countryside with fields full of sunflowers and lakes where you can’t see another person for miles, it was quite spectacular that way. Abigail.

One hour from Crewe is the beautiful Peak District, full of hills, mountains and lakes that is a favourite spot for both domestic and local tourists who want a weekend get away strolling the countryside.