You may have noticed that in recent weeks we’ve added a number of new team members to watch sessions and create feedback for our Buddies.

Fear not! This is not a malicious or suspicious act from IQBar. Our new Teaching Quality Consultants are there to help you develop as a teacher, to let you know when you’re on the right track, and to let you know if there are small things you can do to improve your teaching skills and sessions.

Why have we included this now?

Well we’ve had feedback sessions for a long time by our Teaching Quality Manager Daniel, however as IQBar rapidly expands and our teacher numbers increase, it’s a tough job for one man alone! So, we’ve added a number of new, but familiar faces from our Buddy community and we’ve created a system which we hope will be beneficial for you as a teacher.

After all, IQBar is a teacher lead company, not a business/profit lead company. We value our teachers above all so these feedback sessions are not a means of us controlling your teaching but offering guidance and support as you continue on your teaching journey.

So, who is providing the feedback?

Currently we have six Teaching Quality Consultants for normal and flexi Buddies who watch sessions throughout the week. They will provide weekly or fortnightly feedback sheets for all our Buddies looking at a range of areas, including:




Pace and Structure

Use of Resources

Use of Actions




Full Sentences


We have also introduced Rebecca, our Trial Buddy Teaching Quality Coordinator who oversees the feedback of our Trial Buddies, making sure that they feel supported through their initial sessions and for early areas which they can improve on.

Each of our consultants are also Buddies. They were selected for the role because whilst they may not have started out as the best teachers, they have consistently taken on feedback and developed their style to become some of our best Buddies. It is this drive to develop and improve that lead us to choose them to be our feedback givers. They know what it takes to develop, and the hard slog it can be sometimes!  

Each piece of feedback you receive will come with targets, small and reachable goals for you to achieve between feedback sessions. These can include anything from ‘please sit back a little bit’ to ‘add another target for your students when writing the review’. Manageable, achievable and easy to map your progress!

Once we have developed the system, all of this will appear on your Filio account so you can truly see your development as a teacher.

These skills are not only useful for IQBar, but are useful life skills which can be transferred into any work space and any teaching environment. The new feedback system is put in place not for IQBar as a company’s benefit but for each Buddy’s individual personal development.

After all, a good teacher never stops learning!