Introducing Tamsyn! Our new Teaching Quality Coordinator who will be in charge of managing all our quality consultants, making sure all our Buddies receive their feedback, and helping Buddies know what skills they can develop and what they’re doing well in sessions. 

Hi! I’m Tamsyn, the new Teaching Quality Coordinator.  I live in England with my two sons, Pip the dog and Lila the cat.

What you are most excited about starting at IQBar?

I’ve been working at IQBar for a little while, but I’ve been behind the scenes working on Picaro so I never got a chance to meet the rest of the team. It’s been great getting to know people and everyone has been so welcoming! I think out of everywhere I have worked, IQBar has the best sense of community, where everyone comes together to support one another.

What is one thing you’ve learnt from your experience in teaching?

I think my one thing that I let try to guide my teaching has always been that no two students are the same.  People learn in very different ways and you have to be willing to constantly adapt to suit the needs of the learner.  I have worked in a variety of settings, and whether I was teaching adults on a Psychology degree, or helping three year olds with Down’s Syndrome practise their Makaton, this is the one principle I have found to always be true.

What do you think the world of online teaching has in store?

I think online teaching is set to become the new norm, as it’s actually far more adaptable to meet the needs of the student.  Personally, I am looking forward to the variety that online teaching has to offer, where no two days are quite the same.  I also think it’s great that teachers from across the globe can come together and share stories and ideas.

Are you a tea or a coffee person?

Coffee!!! I need several cups a day, preferably a vanilla latte!

If you had to spend one month on a desert island, what three items would you take with you? 

I’d take my two kids (the eldest one is like a mini Bear Grylls so that would be the hunting and shelter sorted and the little one is a master chef). I’d also take my guitar as I wouldn’t want to go a month without music.