IQBar is one of the most professional companies I’ve come across. From the first point of contact until the interviews, the training to the trial period, you couldn’t find any flaw if you were searching for them.

Everything happens so systematically. Regardless of whether you’re working with them as a contracted buddy or a flexi buddy, there’s nothing you could complaint about. Salary is something that everyone expects to be on time – IQBAR is one company who I can vouch for. Their professionalism and inter department communication is incredible.

Working at IQBar, you become very familiar with the different teams like the IT guys, Assistants, Managers, Buddies, Finance, Marketing etc who work so closely with you. You have the opportunity to take part in the seminars happening each week exploring useful topics and teaching practices, this is then saved on a shared resource for you to access it later. I mean how cool is that as you do not have an obligation to attend the seminar due to your own time constraints however you always have an easy access to the recording later?

IQBAR doesn’t compromise on teaching standards. Fortnightly, one of the assessors watches one of your classes and gives you timely feedback on what was good and where could you improve, assigning you your weekly targets. Imagine the time and effort that goes into it in order to audit so many calls! The policy of IQBAR is: to always say what they can deliver and always deliver what they say, which isn’t too easy a task however it’s all possible out here! How amazing it is to have people teaching all around the globe, and so closely knit like just communicating on Wechat? IQBar has separate groups for IT issues, announcements, assistant notices, bready absences, personal chat groups and more.

After all the time spent hiring each teacher, it doesn’t stop there. Once signed up to slots at IQBar, the link between IQBar and their buddies continues to grow. They lay out the rules, communicate with employees, motivate them and reward them – each week there are different awards which you can get for hard work and development. If you do everything as required, you couldn’t miss being one of the best buddies out here. What’s great is that you get the opportunity to handle different roles within the company, which we don’t get to see in other online teaching platforms.

IQBar has good business leaders who “create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”