This week we continue to look at taster sessions with a focus on what goes on behind the scenes, why we do taster sessions and how both you and your potential Bready can have a valuable experience.

So first of all, what is a taster session? A taster session offers the student the opportunity to test out the platform: to have a go using the tools and the online classroom, to look at the content, and most importantly, to see if they match with the content and the teaching methods at IQBar.

Unlike a lot of online teaching platforms, there is no rigid teaching style and form as well as strict regulation on how much needs to be covered in each session. Our taster sessions allow the student to see the varied and tailored content at IQBar. They get the opportunity to have a test drive figuratively speaking to make sure IQBar is the right fit.

Similarly, it also allows IQBar to assess the student. What level are they at? Are they at a level where they can sit down and learn through an online platform? These questions are equally important so as not to waste the student or the Buddies’ time.

So how does it work?

IQBar is currently advertised on the underground in Beijing and Shanghai, so a lot of our potential students sign up for tasters after having seen us on screen or on the way to work. Once signed up for a taster, one of our sales’ team will call them up and discuss what level the student is at. Before the scheduled taster, the student, along with their parents, are able to look over the content of the session and practice using the classroom tools such as the whiteboard and the pen.

This means that when starting a taster session, the student already has an idea of what is covered and knows the format of the slides.

Once the taster session is completed, the sales team will wait for the Buddies’ review to come through on the system before calling the student and asking them for feedback and whether they would like to sign up for a package. The whole process is very transparent with lots of communication to make sure that the student feels supported and listened to, regardless of whether they sign up or not.

If the taster session is successful, the taster assessors will watch back the lesson and make sure that the soon-to-be Bready is at the right level, making notes on their behaviour, level of confidence, and preferred teaching style for the next Buddy.

So what does that mean for you as the Buddy?

For us Buddies, we get the (hopefully!) fun part! We get to meet so many intelligent and inquisitive students who are looking to build their knowledge of English with the potential to shape their education.

This means that we also have the responsibility of getting it right! We need to make sure the Bready is working to the correct level so as not to find the work far too easy and boring, or not too difficult so as to be demotivating.

As we have covered in our previous blog post, you must never fear changing the level of your taster session! After all, this session is all about experimenting and seeing what fits.

Within Picaro it is important to note that each PowerPoint covers all four units so it progressively gets harder. It is not designed for all Breadies to start from the beginning, so if you think your Bready is finding the beginning of the Powerpoint way too easy – but the next level up is too much of a challenge – skip a little to the middle or close to the end and see what happens! If it is too difficult, go back to where you were and expand more. If it is still too easy, the only way is up!

Don’t forget the importance of expanding on slides and adapting them to whatever your Bready needs to focus on. The slides are merely the foundations on which to build on.

So you’ve finished the taster session, you’ve written your review and the sales team have contacted the Bready and parents for their thoughts on the session, as well as the feedback from the review and whether the parent wants to buy the package.

Now comes the wait!

For most successful taster sessions, you will find out by the beginning of the following month through the announcement on Wechat. Sometimes however, it can take a few months of deliberating before deciding on a package. Some companies remove the bonus if it takes a few months but here at IQBar we know that it was your hard work that impressed the Bready enough to buy a package.

You got this! Taster sessions are a great and entertaining way to meet lots of new eager faces and showcase your teaching talents. Be confident, be proud of your abilities, and give the Bready a meaningful lesson at the correct level.

Thanks for reading this week’s #tipforTuesday! If you have any questions or would like to input on this topic, please drop us an email to