There are two opportunities to get creative and show IQBar who you are in the application process. The first is the written introduction – here you can formally write about your experience, your skillset and why you would like to work at IQBar. Once this is done, it’s time to make your introductory video.

The introductory video is important as not only does it offer you the opportunity to highlight your personality and skillset to the IQBar team, but it will be this video that potential Breadies and their parents will watch when selecting a teacher.

So, how exactly does the introductory video work, what should be included, and how can you best represent yourself and your teaching style?

When a Bready signs up for a Taster session, it is down to the sales team to select a Buddy for them. If they enjoy the session and decide to buy a package with IQBar, it is then down to them to choose their teacher by watching the Buddy introductory videos and by seeing qualifications and through recommendations by the sales team due to teaching style.

The most important part of this video is to show that you are friendly, attentive and capable. Show Breadies and the team what you’d be like in sessions; use props, TPR and a funky background. You should speak slowly and clearly so parents can understand you and get to know a little bit about your experience.  

As our Trial Buddy Engagement Officer Yara explains,

I think the most important thing is to make your video just like you´d teach a lesson. Use your props, be visual, have fun and let your personality shine. 🙂

What to include:

  • ·      Introduce yourself!
  • ·    Our Breadies are goal and outcome orientated so they look for your qualifications and recent experience first. 
  • ·      Speak about why you love teaching if you have done it before.
  • ·     Speak about the age groups you have experience teaching or want to teach.
  • ·      Tell them about any specific areas you are trained in and can help them with.
  • Speak about your teaching style, how you think Breadies learn best, let them know you’ll adapt to their needs.
  • ·     Lastly, speak about what you like to do! Any hobbies, if you have learnt another language, what you enjoy doing in your spare time etc… This will help the Bready see what kind of Buddy you are and if you have interests in common.

Depending what age-group you would like to focus on, make the content of your video relevant to them. Don’t use lots of cuddly toys if you’re appealing to 15 year olds for example, but do use lots of toys, shapes, perhaps even a song if you’re looking for our youngest Breadies.


It’s important that the video looks professional, so aside from any colourful backgrounds or pictures you may want to arrange beforehand, make sure there’s nothing lying around to make you look messy and unprofessional – nobody wants to see yesterday’s trousers slung across a chair in the background!

It is also key to make sure there’s no background noise as you make the video which could be off-putting for students.

Dress code

IQBar is pretty relaxed when it comes to clothing. For sessions they only ask that there are no vests or tops which show shoulders, nothing too revealing and no hoodies or dressing gowns. Make sure you follow these rules when making your video – but feel free to add funny hats, comedy glasses and a wig or two! Or take the opposite path and wear something formal. It all depends on the message you’re trying to give off, dress as a way of showing off your personality.

And some final tips

·       Your video must be recorded in the horizontal format on a stable camera, so your picture is not wobbly. 

·       It should be at least 1 minute long, but no longer than 5 minutes. 


  • Remember to speak slowly and at a good pace


  • When it comes to your teaching style there are two ways to show this off. You can discuss your teaching style or show it! 


  • Say how you can help the Bready attain the goals they personally have. 

Let your personality shine through! Add in extra things that are relevant to you.

We hope you have found this week’s #TipforTuesday useful! You can find lots of helpful videos about the training and application process on our Youtube channel here and, if you’re in need of any guidance please feel free to email us at or through our Facebook page here.