What’s it all about?

This week is all about my last stop before I venture back home! Find out about how I spent my last few days travelling before heading home to the not so sunny U.K. I’ll be sharing the places I visited whilst in Kuala Lumpur as well as how I got on with working whilst here. If you’re as much as a lover of butterflies as me, or if you want to hear about my love of butterflies, then read on about my time in Kuala Lumpur!

Kuala Lumpur: Getting there 

I couldn’t believe our time in Kuching was over but, with money in the bank, we were off again! We were even able to bag ourselves a bargain to start our journey to Kuala Lumpur off! As we’d been using the Grab app, we’d gained enough points to use them towards our next taxi, so we used this to cover our taxi fare to the airport.

I thought we were lucky to be able to use the reward points towards our taxi but, we also had enough points left to make a very worthy investment at a popular donut chain. I was able to get 3 doughnuts with the reward points we’d built up! To say I was chuffed is an understatement. I was already buzzing on life (and perhaps on a sugar high), then my day got even better! On our fight to Kuala Lumpur, they asked me to move to the fire exit door seats, so I had a whole row to myself! Perfect! Don’t you just love it when things work out like that? With plenty of space, and a slightly delayed flight meaning we would take 1 hour 45 minutes +, I got my laptop out and began working on my blog!

Kuala Lumpur: Getting around 

Kuala Lumpur felt much more modern than Kuching and in comparison, was even more built up, which is to be expected in a capital city. Google maps is a life saver whilst travelling. As we were right in the city centre, we had a mass of food locations to choose from so I utilised Google maps as much as I could. I used Google maps to track down top rated food locations! Even though it was REALLY built up here, there were still lots of cheaper back-street restaurants where you could eat for half the price of the main restaurants (but still with the same great taste!).

Not only is Google maps one to utilise, but also look online for vouchers! I managed to find an online voucher for a discounted entry into the Butterfly Park and the Bird Park. The only downside was that to be able to use them, you had to pre-book the tickets the day before or longer in advance.

Kuala Lumpur – Butterfly and Bird Park

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you’ll know just how much I LOVE butterflies, so I am slightly bias when it comes to them, but the butterfly park here was really sweet! The park itself is very small but there is such a variety of butterflies to see. I even had a few occasions where the butterflies landed on me. In-fact, there was one butterfly that wouldn’t leave me alone! It kept landing on my leg and wouldn’t leave…even as I walked! They can be seen everywhere here, so I was very aware of my footings. It is sad that you see a number of dead butterflies in the park, but with a life expectancy ranging from 1 week – 12 months, depending on the species, that is to be expected.

The Bird Park is equally as cool. It’s lovely to see so many birds able to roam freely around the park. You see loads of different birds! Particularly a lot of Pennie Fowl. I often ended up naming them my own nicknames, for instance, each Pennie Fowl was an ‘Ian’ to me! Is anyone else as mad as me and gives nicknames to all animals?

In the Bird Park there were many different areas to explore. Down at the large water area there were gigantic pelican, some of which were easily bigger than me! Whilst down there, we were also extremely lucky to see a number of peacocks. We’d timed it just right as there wasn’t anyone else around and then all of a sudden, the largest peacock, that had the bushiest feathers, spread his feathers and started dancing in the most spectacular manner. He had some amazing moves and often had this vibrating movement that was enthralling to watch! It was so hypnotic, but some of the other peacocks didn’t seem to be quite as captivated as I was.

Kuala Lumpur – Petronas Towers

One evening, after teaching, we took a short taxi ride deeper into the city to head to Petronas Towers. The glow is so bright off these towers, so you know when you’re getting close! The closer we got, the harder and harder it became to see the top of the building. As I have mentioned many-a-time, I am not a fan of big city life, but this landmark really is quite something. The building literally towers over you and shines so bright! It can get quite busy here though, so be prepared. After taking it all in, you can stroll a few metres down the road and sit down to enjoy some tasty food! You won’t find street food prices here though, so make sure you come prepared and don’t forget your purse!  

Kuala Lumpur – Nearly home time

One of the main reasons we’d gone to Kuala Lumpur was to begin making our way back home. With our year of travelling slowly coming to an end, I needed to get back home and earn some more money, see my friends and family and come back for a brief stint at reality. Whilst we’d travelled I was so lucky to have had the income from working online to support us, but that time was nearly up.

With the end in sight, I started to feel myself becoming rather contemplative. Travelling had opened up so many opportunities! I’d never have thought I would have been able to be away from my family for so long. I’d also never even considered teaching online as a possible career or thought that it could provide enough income to be depended upon. There was so much I was going to miss about travelling but so much to look forward to by heading home. I also felt really lucky that I still had my online teaching to continue with once back home. I wouldn’t be returning home and have travel blues as well as no money!

What’s it like to work here?

As Kuala Lumpur has no time difference to Beijing, it meant that I was able to keep to my normal timetable of exploring in the day, just taking the odd day to work, and then working mostly in the evenings.

Also, as I was still in Malaysia, I was able to use the same Sim I had been using whilst in Kuching. However, I only needed this whilst out and about, as the WIFI in the hotel was great! Staying in the city definitely has some perks, especially when it comes to online teaching.

Having your laptop doesn’t just mean you can work. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll also be able to connect your laptop up to your T.V. screen. This means you can watch movies or even just make the screen a bit bigger if you’ve got some planning to do and want it enlarged! Sometimes I felt the strain on my eyes using a laptop and would use the T.V. as a large monitor, however I just had to get used to navigating the mouse around the screen.

What’s up next?

Next week I round off my travels by talking about my return home and how I adapted to life without travelling, as well as how I balanced Teaching Online as well as working in the ‘real world’.

If you’ve got any stories or questions, please feel free to contact me at  –  travellingteacher@iqbar.net .