Our new Picaro Tasters go live today! IQBar, has developed seven new taster classes for students interested in signing up to IQBar ranging from beginner’s English right the way through to young advanced.

These sessions are designed in a way that taster materials can be tailored completely to the student’s needs. Buddies have been busy this week attending seminars and Q and As to fully acquaint themselves with the material so if they feel a student finds the topic to simple or challenging, or perhaps its an area of vocabulary they’re already confident with, the session can quickly change to something more appropriate without any awkward transitions or time wasted.

So how does it work? The taster sessions use material taken from the full course compiled into a series of gradually more challenging presentations. It is not expected for the whole of one presentation to be covered in a session, instead it is all about adjusting and developing a session to the speed of the Bready, making sure content is expanded upon for a well-rounded and thorough learning experience.

Even from our lowest levels, we believe learning English should not just be about vocabulary, but developing very simple sentence structures and learning English with real life implications.  By the end of a student’s very first taster, there should already be tangible results. Topics range from colours and numbers in units 1-2 right the way up to appearance and the present perfect in levels 13-14.

Alongside our new tasters, in the past few month IQBar has developed its assessment process so that students are definitely working at their correct level. Once a taster session is completed and a student is interested in joining, our initial assessor will make sure the student is set the correct level and will compile a few notes to help the initial Buddy to understand the needs of the student in greater detail.

Later along the line, if a Buddy feels that the student, or Bready, needs to change, or the Bready/parents themselves request It, our reassessors can offer advice and make the necessary level adjustment. This is so important not only in making sure Breadies are learning as much as they can, but also for other areas of development such as confidence and self-fulfilment.

We hope Buddies enjoy using the new taster sessions and are excited to see the feedback that comes in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions about Picaro, our tasters, or teaching at IQBar, please email us at socialmedia@iqbar.co.uk .