What’s new?

The new Picaro Tasters have been arranged thematically and are now more detailed than before, meaning that Taster sessions are easily tailored to the Bready’s particular level of English and topics they have not already learnt.

How does this work?

The taster sessions are broken down into units rather than the specific level. Each pair of units gets progressively harder so if you feel that your Bready is finding the session too simple, you can move them up through the slides, rather than jumping straight to the next level. If they have been set Picaro 2 Picaro units 5-6, for example and you feel that they are level 2 but the beginning of the session is too simple, you can skip through to later topic, such as Shopping slide 40 where it is more difficult rather than shooting straight to Picaro 3.

If you feel that they are actually the level above, that’s fine too! Move them up again. Changing a few times is perfectly okay because you are trying to work out exactly where the Bready is, thus making the session personal to them.

How do I do this without disrupting the session too much?

It is most important you know the page number for each unit. After having done a taster a few times this should come quite naturally, but until then, make sure to use the Picaro Taster Guide provided on the IQBar announcement group. Keep it open in the background during sessions so if you need to switch it up, you can consult and change. Flicking through the slides looks messy and like you don’t know the topic so must be avoided!

If your Bready is at a level of English where they can communicate quite easily, you can explain to them that you are switching levels to make sure it is right for them. They will already know this beforehand from the sales team who will explain to them or their parents the process behind the taster.

So to summarise:


Do feel confident in changing unit and level if you feel the level is wrong.


Each taster presentation becomes more difficult as you go along.


Go to later or earlier units before changing the whole Picaro level, unless you need to go down.


Don’t feel bad if you feel like you need to return to the original level

See below to see the range of topics that are covered in each Picaro tasters.

How to review?

Review as you normally would do for a taster but make sure you add the slide number and topic. Before we had two separate tasters for each unit which meant if a Bready wanted a second try, they would have completely fresh content. This isn’t the case now as each presentation is longer and more specific. To make sure new topics are covered with a Bready, write down what you covered in the taster, so if a second taster is needed, they can either attempt the same content in a fresh way or look at a different topic.