At first I thought that the opportunity to conduct English tutoring online through IQBar is probably a scam. I therefore started doing some research and looked for some internet properties owned/managed by IQBar. My first stop was trying to find a YouTube channel, which was actually pretty easy ☺

The very first video I watched was a vlog by Kyle Saddington. His accent sounded very familiar so I commented on the video asking whether he is from South Africa. I received a response a day later, stating that he is actually a fellow South African. I perused the rest of the video offerings on the channel where I consumed the video tutorials of Trudie and Marc. These videos are extremely informative and basically cemented my want/need to apply at the company.

I’ve had loads of questions …

“Can one apply even if not in possession of a TEFL qualification?” was one question I posed via Facebook Messenger. This query was responded to really quickly, by the team informing me that I can apply, and that they will make a note of this on the system.

I was unable to upload my “Introduction video” for a total of ×4 days … I contacted the team via email and Sue requested that I send the video in a response email to her along with the email address I used to register on the website. I submitted that query early in the morning, but was feeling that maybe I should take a different approach to submitting my video. I changed from FireFox to Chrome and it worked, first time.

I think I must have been in contact with Sue over multiple bits of email correspondence in the last ×3 weeks already. She’s always incredibly friendly and knowledgeable in her exchanges with me.

I was super excited when I received a “Congratulations!” email from IQBar, informing me to book an interview and also go through the materials on the “Must Read” and “Must See” sections of the website. I had some trouble with the input of my mobile number, as South Africa is not listed in the options. I just left it on the British flag icon and hoped that my email address would be enough, in the event I needed to be contacted. 

My interview with Marc was yesterday. Honestly, it was the most informal, laid-back, conversational interview I have ever attended. The conversational tone of the interview was highly appreciated, as I was feeling rather anxious initially, but that soon melted away as Marc steered the interview from information gathering to light hearted tit-bits about the company effortlessly.

On the whole, should I be successful in becoming an employee at IQBar, I’ll want to maintain the current level of friendliness the entire team has shown thus far.