The world of online work and remote teaching is one that has opened up a world of possibilities and experiences that a few years ago would have been deemed impossible, however with it come a few disadvantages. The biggest problem faced in the world of online teaching is remote IT issues. This can include issues with your browser, the computer settings surrounding sound or webcam, or simply needing to update a particular program. So how do we solve this?

At IQBar IT issues tend to come in two ways; the first is an issue discovered in advance where an appointment can be set with one of our IT technicians, or they can suddenly happen when in the middle of teaching. Both situations aren’t ideal but IQBar’s team of dedicated IT technicians have the means of solving computer problems through the use of the app Teamviewer.

So what is Teamviewer?

Teamviewer is an app developed in 2005 that is now used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies. Designed specifically for the needs of teams working remotely, it works by allowing access to a computer screen via the app. We ask all Buddies to download Teamviewer when they first start at the company so if ever needed instantly, for example in the middle of teaching, the software is already there ready to use on the computer.

How does it work?

Once the app is downloaded onto your computer, you should see a screen pop up that looks like this:

You don’t need to click on anything on this screen; all that is important is the four-letter password. If in need of IT assistance, give this password to the IT assistant who is helping you and they will be able to access your computer remotely to find out what the problem is via the app on their computer. This allows them access to the screen and you can see exactly what they’re doing on your screen.

It can sound a little suspect, allowing strangers to have access to your computer screen, and understandably some people are a little uncomfortable at the prospect, but the app ensures privacy and control at all times. Everything the IT team do on your system is what you view; they cannot go behind the scenes and view anything else on your computer.

The password is a one-time password meaning the moment the assistant has stopped using it, the password is no longer valid. According to the Teamviewer website, 750,000 new IDs are created every day with over 20 million devices online at any given time.

Once the IT team have viewed the issue and solved it, they will log out and you can end the session at any time. If you log out, access to your screen stops. They have no way of continuing to access your screen once the session has ended, and the app lets you know when they are accessing your system and when they have left.  

Teamviewer has a secure system which is constantly assessed to make sure the privacy and security of their users is constant. If you would like to learn more about the security systems and features, you can read their Frequently Asked Questions here.

Allowing the IT team to remote assist Buddies is the fastest and simplest way to solve our IT issues and means that all our Buddies can continue teaching without having to disrupt their whole day.

If you have any questions about Teamviewer or how any area of IQBar works – please feel free to drop us a message either on Wechat if you’re currently a Buddy, on our social media pages, or via email at No question is a silly question and we value any suggestions, opinions or queries!