Due to China’s new regulations on extra-curricular English schools, all online tutors are now required by law to have a TEFL qualification. The online education sector in China is booming, with figures suggesting a 15% increase in users annually. In a study back in 2014, it was suggested 78 million people across China were accessing online education with 40% of netizens saying, according to one source, that if they weren’t using online education now, they were planning to in the near future.

With such growth however, comes difficulty in regulating quality. With so many schools offering services in English language and exam preparation, the government has introduced new legislation to try and combat this.

From now on, all online schools require teachers to hold a qualification in teaching English. This covers a broad range from TEFL, CELTA, TESOL, TEFL, and TEYL and as IQBar operates in this market, all our Buddies now must hold one of these qualifications.

All Buddies must upload their certificate to their profile by the 10th of February 2019 before the inspections begin.

So what kind of qualification do you need?

With an equally large market in TEFL courses, it can seem like a minefield trying to choose the correct, valid company. There’s the sheer number of courses on offer, range of hours, real classroom vs online, price, and validity to take into consideration. What is most important in terms of the regulation, is that the certificate received at the end is accredited. There are a number of trusted bodies which accredit qualifications, so when looking for the right company, see if you can find any of these names on their website or brochure, as these are the biggest names in the market:

Once having seen if your course is accredited by one of these bodies, it is completely your choice which course you decide and how you manage the learning process. If cost is something you need to take into consideration, websites like groupon often have excellent discounts on a number of accredited courses such as Enjoy TEFL, TEFL Fullcircle and Learn TEFL. We do not recommend one in particular, but suggest looking through the course content of each and the reviews and deciding which one works best for you.

If you have the time and would like to invest in a little more, in-classroom courses often offer dedicated face-to-face tutor time and placements to help develop teaching skills. These are often regarded a little higher in in-situ teaching environments if you were interested in teaching students abroad as well as online.