We’ve all been there. You’ve waited for 18 minutes and you’re thinking your Bready isn’t going to enter – but suddenly the little chat box pops up with a new notification and the crackling sound of the speaker comes to life. You have a student directly after so unfortunately the class can only run for seven minutes before you need to leave and prepare for the next class. How do you mark this in the review?

This week’s Tip For Tuesday looks at how to complete the review if you didn’t manage to complete the session.  

There are a number of options to choose when writing your reviews online. Across the top of the screen, you will find a drop-down menu which includes the options:

For Taster Sessions, you will also find the new dropdown option, ‘Unable to Assess due to Participation’.

So when do you select each of these options?

Let’s look at the simplest of all the options – ‘Missed by Bready’. If your Bready does not appear within 25 minutes, or the assistant comes in to tell you that the class has been cancelled, this is the option that you choose.

Missed by Bready due to Technical Difficulty’ has a little more to it. If your session is less than ten minutes due to technical difficulties on your Bready’s end, they are late with only ten minutes left to go, or the lesson starts well but is marred by technical difficulties and you have less than ten minutes of learning time – you can mark this as this.

If your Bready is late with no explanation as to why and there is less than ten minutes, you can also mark this as ‘Missed by Bready due to Technical Difficulty’.

Please explain in your review what happened so the team can understand and discuss with the parents.

If you have a technical difficulty such as computer or internet problems and it means the session is disrupted to the point you are unable to do the class properly or assess the Bready, mark the session as ‘Missed by Buddy due to Technical Difficulties’.

Make sure to explain what happened in the review so it can be followed up by our team and a new session can be booked for the Bready.

When a technical issue is happening and you’ve alerted the IT team, they should be able to inform you whether it is something happening your end, the Bready’s end, or an issue with the website or server, making it easier to select between this box and the one above.

‘Ended by Bready’ is one of our newest options, and this is specifically for when a Bready is unable to do the session or be assessed for a Taster session and ends the class. This could be down to a whole number of reasons including illness or tiredness.

We also have a new option specifically for Taster Sessions, ‘Unable to Assess due to Participation’. If a Bready is not feeling the Taster Session, is perhaps overly shy or distracted or runs away, simply put this option and explain what happened in the review. These sessions happen and it is no one’s fault. This is most likely to occur with our youngest Breadies who may be shy, may not have interacted with a foreign speaker before, or who may simply be too tired to sit in front of a screen and learn!

We hope this has been helpful and provides some clarity. If you have any queries or questions about any part of the review process, please let us know in the comments below, via email – socialmedia@iqbar.co.uk, or write to your team leader/in the group chat!