Hi everyone! My name is Lauren and I am the new Mock Coordinator here at IQBar. I look after new Buddies that have completed their classroom training, booking them in for their mock sessions, and guiding them through this part of the training.

I was an ESL teacher for almost 6 years in South Korea, teaching from kindergarten to adults. I loved every minute of it and was lucky to be told about teaching online. After moving back to the UK, I was quickly able to transfer my skills from classroom teaching to online teaching. I have been a part of IQBar for almost a year now and have not looked back!

I was given the opportunity to join the mock sessions team last May. We all remember our mock sessions, how nervous we were and the embarrassing feelings when asked to teach an adult, who is pretending to be a child. Even for us trainers, this is something we also must overcome. I have enjoyed guiding my fellow Buddies through their mocks, offering advice in areas that will help them to be successful here at IQBar.

As the Mock Co-ordinator, I am the person behind the emails, contacting new Buddies and getting them booked in for their sessions. I also answer any questions they may have and ease their minds before they enter their mock session. I have a fantastic team of trainers, who conduct these sessions and support our new Buddies through the last hurdle of their training. Afterwards, I promote each of our Buddies to the sales team and contact the Trial Buddy Mentors, to hand over successful candidates.

Another part of my job is to oversee quality control. It is important for all our trainers to provide the highest quality of training and consistency. This ensures that all our Buddies receive the same calibre of training and the correct information needed to be a successful Buddy here at IQBar. Like all our Buddies who receive feedback on their teaching; our trainers are also provided feedback on their performance. As IQBar grows and changes, it is essential that training also evolves to meet the ever-raising standards here at IQBar.