Do you have a penchant for writing? Is there something you feel you’ve got to share, either about your experience as a Buddy or any advice you have for other Buddies? Let us know! We’re always looking for contributions for the blog. 

The best part? Any Buddy who writes a blog post over 800 words will receive the £10 Buddy Contribution award.

So what should you write about?

Get creative! The blog is an open platform to share your thoughts on any part of the teaching process:

If there’s some particular technique you use that you feel really works for your students, share it!

If you have other hobbies or interests that you feel help you as a Buddy which could interest others, let us know! 

If you want to share your general experience as a teacher on the platform, let’s get it down on paper. 

The best part of being in such a wide community as IQBar is that we all have something unique to share. 

What are the guidelines? Any tips for getting started? 

If you’re struggling to know how to start, I find the easiest way for me is to jot down any ideas on paper, or bullet pointing ideas on a word document. Once it’s down and you can see the points clearly, it can often make it easier to structure ideas. 

Plan beforehand. This could just be a few lines about what each paragraph will include but you will find it helps keep your ideas from wandering to distant locations. 

Consider your audience – those reading the IQBar Blog are current Buddies who are looking for advice and shared experiences and those who are interested in becoming Buddies. Consider yourself in each position and what you would have liked to have read and in what style. 

Think about how you’d like to introduce your topic – the first sentence is important! A good intro tip is to summarise the main topic of the post in the opening sentences. 

Feel free to make it personal and/or humorous! Don’t feel like the post has to be strictly educational and serious. Don’t be scared to add your personality into your words. 

And finally – if you’re new to writing or in general a little bit nervous, don’t worry. You can always come to me (Harriet) with questions and I will proofread beforehand to make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammar issues. The most important thing is to enjoy the process.

If you’re in need of suggestions, some ideas include: 

  • Something you do that could benefit Buddies (i.e Merishka’s yoga, Gerry – your experience in theatre and how that helps you with the kids – Frank, your work with sign language – I’m sure all of you have something valuable to add). 
  • Anything you do during a class which you think is something that could benefit Buddies or Breadies   – props, a method of teaching perhaps.
  • Working at IQBar whilst working other jobs at the same time.
  • Living as an expat and working for IQBar. 
  • Advice for people in your country working (or considering working) at IQBar – I’ve seen lots of Buddies share information about how to best work in South Africa so maybe that could be a post! 
  • If you’re living in China, maybe a little insight into habits and customs.  
  • Working at IQBar as a full-time parent.

If you have any questions at all about writing for the blog, please don’t hesitate to send me a message on WeChat (Harriet) or via email to and we can discuss ideas. 

Good luck and happy writing!