Hey guys! My name is Zoe, I currently do interviews, classroom training and sessions with Breadies.

I ensure that new trainees get the opportunity to do their best without having to worry about nerves or other stressful factors that could arise in a new position. I aim to make the classroom a comfortable space where people can express who they are and develop the confidence we are all able to achieve. 

The only teaching I have done is online, which has lead me to develop a very special love for the online platform, allowing students and teachers to become more involved with things that could help learners grow and flourish. A great foundation for learning starts with a great environment, which structures the ability to really develop a connection with each individual student, seeing as the lessons here are very personal and unique to each learner.

Being in an interview can be very stressful, especially if you aren’t even there to shake the persons hand! It is my duty to ensure candidates feel relaxed, and that they know it is okay to be themselves- after all we are only human. Communicating and interacting is something that comes very natural to me, which is why I love what I do.

I remember being quite nervous for interviews I had been to, when the opportunity to be an interviewer arose I felt the need to become someone I myself would want to see in an interview.  

I think we can all understand that being new in a company can be daunting for some, and getting through training can be even more daunting. I believe its important to give all candidates the chance to exercise their skills, experiment with new concepts and end their training feeling like their capabilities are only as limited as the sky.

Because this job is also entirely online, people who are relatively new to the IT world may feel they are at a disadvantage. I also have some background in computer programming, making it enjoyable to help trainees with any IT struggles they may face in the classroom.

Having been part of the IQBar team for over a year now, it has been an incredible journey to experience the growth and warmth this company has to offer!