Technology is a wonderful thing. It has made our lives immeasurably easier, we can find information at the click of a button, we can take photographs of black holes, we can teach from an interactive classroom in one country all the way to our student in another.

…But sometimes it goes wrong.

Technology failing is enough to frustrate and upset anyone, but it is particularly stressful when in the online teaching environment. The past week we have seen the classroom stop functioning during peak times which has caused, quite understandably, a little bit of panic. It’s frustration for everyone involved so we’ve made this week’s #TipforTuesday is all about what you should do in the event that the classroom drops and what that means for you as a Buddy.

Don’t panic!

If you’ve tried to enter the classroom a number of times and are unable, you’ve checked your connection and everything which could be the cause your end and found nothing, look to the IT help group to see if anyone has posted about a classroom issue. Write your experience in the group and await the next step.

Keep trying

The classroom team will be in communication with the classroom provider so the best thing you can do whilst waiting is to refresh the page to see if there are any changes.

Let the IT team know you’re having issues – but only once!

The team will be doing everything they can to get your classroom back on track and they need to make sure that all new, unread IT messages are responded to. After putting you issue the first time in the chat box, it’s best to just wait until more information has been posted in the IT help group.

You will still be paid for any missed sessions due to a problem with the classroom

As the loss of session time is down to the classroom itself, you as a Buddy will not lose out and will still be paid for the full session! It’s a good time to have a very short recap of your notes for the lesson ahead or to have a sip of water.

And there you have it! A few simple tips for what you should do if the classroom goes down.

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