Unlike some of our other courses that offer a little flexibility in how they are taught and what is included in a lesson, our phonics course follow a very specific formula in line with the original ‘Letters and Sounds’ course published by the Department for Education and skills in the UK. Modified for ESL learners, the course offers our youngest learners the fundamentals in English sounds and simple vocabulary through application of sounds with new words and very simple sentences.

The course has been developed so only a limited number of words and sounds are learnt per session. This is done deliberately to help the Bready learn the fundamental principles of sounds in the English language and to learn new vocabulary in a concise and manageable way. You may on occasion experience that the phonics course is a little too simple for your Bready. This could be because they already good understanding of some words and simple sentences for example – but do not be fooled! A Bready with some initial understanding of English may be a false starter.

What should you do?  

Whilst it may seem intuitive to quickly move your Bready on up to Picaro 1, first consider whether their understanding of words is a grounding enough to move up. Is your Bready completely confident with all the different phonemes and graphemes? Are they confident with spelling these words? Are they able to easily read tricky words?

Often it will be the case that Phonics has been chosen for a reason and it is best to stick with it. Follow the course properly by getting your Bready to go through the sounds and the new words, but then when it gets to the pictures – here is where you can test your Bready’s understanding.

Expand on the ‘Let’s Talk’ slide and images; what sentences can they make? How many different examples of the sentence can they think of? What can they see? What colours are in the picture? Can your Bready make sentences with the words learnt that session? What simple games can you play surrounding the content of the picture and your props? There are lots of ways which the session can be extended past the simple learning of phonics in this course. But it is important to remember that for the first part of the session, only the sounds and words taught should be used, don’t add any of your own examples to complicate the session.

If, after extending and asking questions you still feel that your Bready is above the Phonics level, you can contact Brent our Bready Reassessor by email with your request for the Bready to be reassessed and changed.

If you want to find out more about the phonics course, the structure of sessions and the key vocabulary, you can find it on our blog here: https://iqbar.co.uk/f/tobloginfo?id=403ec06b2ce6475fb2c88921ad8ff9a4

For more help with Phonics you can watch our dedicated vlog series from Trudie here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf71aJ_WRJvnDMHcJx_B0UNdG2gkQ2i-Z

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