Got a double booking with a Bready named ‘Bready Seminar’ recently?

Relax, there’s no need to fret. All it means that you’ve been chosen to conduct a Bready Seminar. Let’s run through your accomplishments since joining IQBar: You’ve obtained your TEFL certification; You’ve passed the interview stage; You’ve taught a lesson or two and you’re in the on-boarding phase of the exciting life of an IQBar Buddy. Pat yourself on the back, because you’ve earned it!

The next step is securing loads of bookings with regular students. Conducting a Bready Seminar is really an invaluable opportunity in gaining more students when you’re a relatively New Buddy. Basically, you’ve proven that you’re willing to meet the Teaching Quality Targets set by the person who did an observation on a few of your lessons. You’re also able to adapt quickly and extend on the courseware available to you. Hard part’s over.

A few days after the double booking for the Bready Seminar appears on your Session Manager dashboard, you will be tagged in the Notices from Assistants WeChat group [at the time of writing this, we’re still using WeChat, but the social network will soon be phased out by Windows Teams]. You will be asked to check your email address for a bit of informative correspondence related to the Bready Seminar. The email will contain the time of the Bready Seminar, a vlog pertaining to the conducting a successful Bready Seminar, a PowerPoint presentation of the topic you’ll cover, along with a topic related video and available timeslots for you to choose when your ×15 minute Bready Seminar training will occur. Simply choose one of the available slots, convenient for you and familiarise yourself with the tips and tricks offered in the vlog on the official IQBar YouTube channel.

The ×15 minute Bready Seminar training is as easy as pie, literally. You receive a link from your trainer, you’ll be required to fill in your in the ‘NAME’ input box and the provided password in the ‘PASSWORD’ input box. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll have to start the classroom as soon as you’ve entered in order to allow the trainer access to the room. You will be walked through the differences between a “normal” one-on-one classroom environment versus a seminar type setting where up to ×45 Breadies might be in attendance.

Here are my Top Tips for conducting a successful Bready Seminar:

  1. As in the case of any lesson, familiarise yourself with the topic in advance. A few practice rounds navigating the courseware is essential.
  2. Even though you have been double booked, you basically have about ×35 minutes within to deliver a stellar seminar, so remember to pace yourself. Not too fast or else you might frustrate students who don’t understand you and not too slow, or you might lose your students’ interest.
  3. You’ll be the only one talking throughout the entire seminar. Try and break away from the PowerPoint presentation at the halfway mark of your time allocation, by playing the accompanying video resource. This is a great way for you to catch your breath and have a sip of water.
  4. Upload the resources emailed to you via the Seminar link you were forwarded. We do not conduct Bready Seminars via the Session Manager.
  5. Whenever you use the ‘ANSWER’ tool, take special care in placement of this amazing teaching aid. Try to place it on a spot where you don’t obscure the question and possible answers in the courseware.
  6. Yip, you’ll be the only one talking, but you’ll still be able to engage with the students via the message dialogue box to the right. Read some names from there and also mention some Breadies visible in the bottom of the screen who’s videofeeds are available at the time. The Breadies will definitely feel a part of the entire seminar if you mention them by name and perhaps throwing in some personalised messages like, “Goku, I really like that yellow shirt you’re wearing” or “Candy, what is that you’re eating? Can you hold it up to the screen? It looks yummy!”
  7. Finally, remember to have fun!

After conducting my very first Bready Seminar, I’ve had a lot of Taster sessions with Breadies who attended the seminar. I’ve also gained ×2 new regular students. Guess my next step is to ask Tamsyn when I can have another go at it.

Thank you for reading and I really hope these tips help you in conducting a successful Bready Seminar.

Written by Quinton, a Buddy at IQBar who puts 110% into all areas of teaching.