We’re excited to announce that today we’ll be shifting all IQBar communication to Microsoft Teams!

Teams will be replacing Wechat and a number of other apps we currently use to become our centralised communication hub. Within the new platform, each Buddy will be given a personalised IQBar email which all notifications will be sent to, and access to the Microsoft Teams App which includes messages, a place to store files, an interactive calendar and organiser, and the ability to host meetings.

The app is organised to reduce the need for chat and wasted time sifting through messages to find answers. It also reduces the need for downloading different apps as everything is contained within the one product. Say goodbye to Zoom and Teamviewer!

So what are the new features of Teams and how will they help Buddies?

-Instead of having to sift through messages to find a response or direct message, the Notifications tab at the top means anything directed to you is easily accessible.

-There is also a quick reply function, meaning that any response you give or response you receive will be attached to the original message making it easier to trace correspondence.

-The new Like feature means no longer having to reply. Much like on Facebook or Instagram, the like button let’s others know you’ve seen the message without having to put a long response.

-Any seminar or meeting posted comes with the option to click ‘attending’ ‘tentative’ or ‘decline’, sending you a reminder when the time comes for the meeting, but also allowing the organiser to get a sense of numbers .

-Sending files is now so easy. Any document, Powerpoint, PDF or audio file that is sent through to a group in the Teams app will be automatically saved into the ‘Files’ folder. If someone uploads a new Assessment Powerpoint for example, simply click on the Files tab and everything will be accessible from the history.

-Rather than using a third-party app for polls and competitions, there are hundreds of add on features to Teams meaning that information can be gathered quickly and efficiently in the centralised space.

-The Search feature also means any piece of information is now easy to retrieve with the responsive search tool.

-IQBar don’t expect Buddies to have the app saved on their phone. Once outside of work, downtime is downtime so aside from receiving email bookings, you can leave work at your desk.

For Buddies who are wanting to be part of a community for chatting and offering advice, there is the newly created IQBar Engagement Group. This is an optional group and can be joined by adding the code found in the announcement group.

How to contact the team?

Unlike Wechat where you could add different members of the team and chat with anybody involved with IQBar, we’ve made it easier by adding the title of those with additional roles to their names and by the inclusion of the personalised emails.

If you need to contact one of the management team specifically, you can find the person’s email looking at the contact bar on the left hand side which gives their contact details. From here you can send them an email!

If you would like to chat with other Buddies, this is where the Engagement Group comes in handy.

Signing up to Teams

Download the Teams app from the Appstore or online at https://products.office.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/group-chat-software and find your new email address in the document Sarah sent in the Wechat Engagement Group. Once downloaded, fill in your email address and the password given in the document. This will give you the option to add a new password –

Make sure you remember your password!  

Currently it costs a fee to reset passwords so we are asking all Buddies to take note of their new, chosen password to make sure nobody is locked out and forced to pay.

Once this is done, you can enter the app and use the new email to access the website.

Let us know your thoughts on Teams and tell us how your first day went!