One of the first things one may notice when joining IQBar is the interesting names given to the students and teachers, ‘Breadies’ and ‘Buddies. The answer as to why these are the names cannot be found in the FAQ or the welcome pack so we decided it was high time to ask our CEO Helen the story behind the names:  

“The reason we chose ‘Bready’ and ‘Buddy’ comes from the phrase ‘bread and butter’. We want to show that our students and teachers are natural matches and pairings with each other. However, some people find it hard to make the jump and link between ‘bread and butter’ and ‘bready and buddy’ – so hopefully after this post it makes a bit more sense! 

Another reason we chose the name Buddy is what a ‘buddy’ represents. A buddy is someone you can trust and feel comfortable talking to and asking questions. IQBar Buddies are more than tutors to students, they become friends and the personal nature of the classroom means that very quickly a relationship can be built. We see strong friendships form between Breadies and Buddies with some Breadies and Buddies having had sessions together for over a year.

This is very different from the traditional Chinese understanding of learning. We want to break down the traditional idea of the teacher as distant and all about discipline and instead showing the learning environment as somewhere fun, personal and engaging. We hope that this is the experience for both our Breadies and Buddies and is part of the reason why we encourage the use of ice breakers and games at the beginning of the sessions and to aid learning.

What else can I say about the terms? The name ‘Bready’ sounds like ‘be-ready’. Our students are eager to learn from buddies and improve. The learning environment is a fun one for both student and teacher alike and this is something we are very proud of at IQBar.”