Hello, fellow amazing Buddies! I’m Annalyn. I’ve been working with IQBar for more than a year now. I have done 1,647 sessions as of this writing. Aside from being a happy Buddy, I currently have three other roles within our awesome online school. Let me tell you about them.

Craft Maker

I make craft videos weekly for our Breadies. For this role, I first research which crafts to make, film myself making them and then I piece together all of the footages with some editing magic.

I mainly use recycled materials for crafts. I try to impart to our Breadies how important recycling is and how with some creativity, we can turn trash into fun, useful stuff. The best part– the crafts become my teaching props afterwards. So I have a new prop weekly!

You can check out some of my craft videos on the IQBar YouTube channel: https://tinyurl.com/iqbarcrafts

Here are some of the crafts I’ve made:

Initial Bready Assessor

For this role, I watch past taster sessions to assess our incoming Breadies’ learning styles and language level. I then make recommendations to make sure that the Buddies assigned would be able to go to the classroom ready and informed about the student’s strengths and weaknesses. This way, our new Breadies get the best learning experience.

This role allows me to learn new taster session hacks and techniques from the best Buddies in IQBar.

Mock Session Trainer

As a mock session trainer, I guide Buddy applicants through our taster or normal session process.

This role involves some roleplay. For a few minutes, I pretend to be a Bready and the applicant assumes the role of a Buddy. Afterwards, I then share my praises and recommendations to the applicant. This role is a lot of fun! I get to share my knowledge and also learn new techniques from our future Buddies.

I love all of these roles! They break the monotony of my teaching life and each of them challenges me to grow and learn as an educator and a creative person weekly. I highly encourage you to take on another role as well if your schedule allows it. ♡