With a tight schedule of 25 minute sessions, 5 minute gaps in between and a structured class, sometimes the minutes just seem to vanish before you. The five minute slot for note taking and getting into the classroom can disappear before your eyes as you load the next class – perhaps the student before started late and you’re trying to make up for time… the most important thing? To make sure your next session starts on time.

In this week’s Tip for Tuesday we’ll be looking at good time management tips and IQBar timing information you may be unsure of.

First, let’s take a look at what you should be doing in between sessions!

IQBar sessions are 25 minutes long, leaving a five minute gap for preparing for the next class and making short notes about the previous session.

The order of this is very important. The moment you finish your last class you should enter the classroom for the next. You do not need to press start class, but be ready to go for when the time comes. This means that you can carry on with your notes without worrying about getting into the class later.

It also means that Breadies are not left waiting and wondering where there Buddy is, and parents feeling upset and angry at the session being shorter than expected if you’re accidentally late. 25 minutes is a concentrated lesson period so any minutes lost mean quite a lot of content time.

Note taking

When it comes to the note taking itself, everyone will have their own way of doing it. Some people have notebooks stuffed full of half formed sentences, some scrap paper with key words, others voice memos that they’ve made during the gap!

Note taking methods:

  • Writing key words during sessions and elaborating a little in the 5 minute gap.
  • Creating your own mini review plan including What went well and areas for improvement which you can fill in with key words and short sentences later.
  • Using a voice memo to record a short clip to reference when writing reviews.
  • Open up a ‘notes’ tab on your computer to fill in during sessions.
  • Use pre-drawn mindmaps, draw pictures, create your own symbol system, the possibilities are endless.

Have a play to find out what your fastest, most efficient note taking method is!

Our suggestion is that throughout the session, write down very key words like ‘intonation’, ‘past’ if they have issues using the past tense, or simply ‘u’ if they’re pronouncing the vowel sound wrong. It’s important though that if you do this, you are continuing to focus on your Bready and not making it obvious you are writing during the session.

Once you reach the five minute in between slot and have set up the next class, you can elaborate the key words into points for your reviews later.

As a recap:

  • If you’re late for a session, or your Bready is late, you still need to finish the session at the 25 minute mark. Don’t extend a few minutes to try and make up the time, potentially risking the next session. IQBar will make sure the Bready is compensated.
  • Open up the next classroom before you start writing notes. This will ensure that the next session will start on time.
  • If you have a technical difficulty between sessions, make sure you have a back up plan ready and tell the team.

Sessions can fly by so it can be very easy to slip up a minute or two before sessions. These handy tips should help you be there for your Bready so everyone can get the most out of session time!

Buddies, what are your note taking and time management tips? Leave a comment below or drop us an email at socialmedia@iqbar.co.uk