Hi! I’m Molly, a buddy here at IQBar: a job I love and feel grateful to have the opportunity to do everyday. As well as being an online English teacher, I am a History of Art degree student in England: something that is demanding, rewarding and takes a lot of work, much like my job, but I get so much joy from both! I’m going to discuss the advantages to working for IQBar whilst being a full time student and how I make this work for me. It’s an ideal student job, and I actively encourage any students considering working for IQBar to take the leap! It’s a lot of work, but it most certainly pays off.

I applied for IQBar in the September before I started university, and have been a buddy for 10 months throughout my first year. I knew I wanted this opportunity and that it would be the perfect student job! After spending hours agonising over my introductory video and panicking about interviews and training (which I shouldn’t have-everybody I encountered was lovely!) I got the job, and was thrilled to begin work. I was lucky to have a month to find my feet in the company and feel comfortable in front of the camera before starting my first term at university. It was a huge comfort to know I had an income in what would be a financially difficult period for me inevitably, and having to find a job in my new city was a worry I didn’t have, unlike many of the people I met.

What’s more, I knew that spending time at home would be incredibly important to me, and by working for IQBar I could take my job from my city back home for weekends and holidays: or wherever else I chose to go! Having this freedom is one of the biggest benefits to working here as opposed to having a job that didn’t allow me to travel home for important events with my family, such as Christmas.

Being able to choose your own working hours is a huge perk for anyone working at IQBar, and it is especially handy as a full time student. My timetable changes termly, therefore I was able to alter my availability weekly as my required hours at university changed. Some days I would even attend a lecture in the morning, return home to teach a couple of lessons and then head back to university for more learning! It is always interesting to me being able to teach and then learn: but of course I often learn from my students as well.

Of course this kind of lifestyle takes a lot of organisation and planning ahead, as I must also factor my independent study time into my days. Since teaching time is limited to certain hours at IQBar, I often do this by sitting down with my diary every 2 weeks, seeing which days I am able to teach around my directed teaching hours at university, and then planning my independent study and other extra curricular activities around that. Fortunately I love organising like this and being busy, however I have to be careful not to put too much on my plate and burn out. It can be hard studying and working, and I try to tailor my work hours according to how much I will have to do at university each week. We are given long holidays at the end of every term at university, so I tend to bulk up my hours during these periods.

My workspace

At IQBar I get to work my dream as I study. As a child, I would make my younger cousins sit around my desk as I pretended to be their teacher: and now I get to do this everyday as my job! I had experience tutoring English in schools before I made the move to university, and so I knew I had a passion for this line of work. Being happy and looking after your mental health at university, and in life more generally too, is crucial, and IQBar gives me stability and joy to ensure this is maintained for me. The enthusiastic, friendly community at the company supports me and gives the feeling of a team in what could be a lonely time at university, and being self employed.

Not only is working for IQBar a positive experience that while I’m doing it, but I know it is supporting my future aspirations too. Being at university is all about building skills and finding paths you’d like to take in the future. I know now that teaching is something I enjoy and excel in, and IQBar have given me the opportunity to grow and discover this. The experience I have gained is invaluable, and will serve me greatly in the future not only finding a career in teaching, but performing in it too. I would also love to work in writing; so working intimately with English will be an advantage to me in future pursuits. Moreover, working for IQBar has given me the skills to communicate and interact with people from different backgrounds, cultures and ages. If you are similarly an ambitious, hard working student looking for a slightly different work to support your studies, I urge you to try IQBar! I can assure you that it will be a fulfilling, joyful addition to your university life.

Molly is a Buddy and History of Art student.

If you would like to work at IQBar, you can apply online at iqbar.co.uk