I joined IQBar last September. It was an uncertain beginning, as I didn´t know if I could adapt to an online teaching role – I only had face to face teaching experience. However, with the support and encouragement of the fantastic team I met here, I quickly became hooked and found joy in a fulfilling and flexible job that fits well with my values and lifestyle.

My role as a Buddy is to help and guide Breadies through their English learning journey, running Taster and normal lessons for people of all ages and English levels.

Every day is a different experience, with unique lessons that I prepare and adapt to suit each student´s needs at that particular point. It has been a steep learning curve, with varied lessons that range from speaking practice to general English and exam preparation.

In this short period of time, Breadies have surprised me, shared their dreams and occasionally made me so proud I had to hold back my tears. I must confess that some students have won my heart, and many times I wait anxiously to see them again, to hear their stories and celebrate their latest achievements.

Recently, I joined the Bready Assessment Team, where a detailed assessment report is completed, based on the video of every successful Taster. We look at every aspect of the lesson and make personalized recommendations, which are shared with parents and the Buddy in charge of the first Normal session. This ensures the Bready will be matched to the course that best suits their abilities and future goals. We repeat the process after 3-4 normal sessions to make sure the Bready is at the correct level.

This shows that IQbar provides growth opportunities if you are interested and willing to have a go at something different.

Looking back, I ask: was it worth to try a different career, full of new challenges? Absolutely