When you only have a half an hour (or twenty five minute) slot for teaching, making sure you keep to a tight deadline and structure becomes fundamentally important!

At IQBar, we’ve developed a structure that we think helps to keep Breadies engaged, give them time to reflect, and also time to relax and have fun whilst still learning. Let’s take a look at the lesson structure, and why the structure is in place…

Introduction and ice breaker (3 minutes) 

The introduction and ice breaker is a great way to help your Bready feel comfortable in the classroom and, if you are new to each other, get to know more about hobbies, English proficiency and teaching/learning style. The ice breaker can come in a number of forms, a song if a younger Bready, and a conversation topic if they are older, it is down to you to discern whether you think your Bready would appreciate a song and dance or not.

You can also play a game! But be careful about copyright. It’s also important to make sure that the game is relevant to what is being learnt through the course – and isn’t something that will get too exciting and take up the whole session!

Our brilliant vlogger Kyle will be posting all about different introductions and ice breaker activities this week, so keep an eye out on youtube.com/c/iqbareducation on Friday for his ideas.


It is so important to check for your Bready’s homework in the classroom! We’ve had a few times where Breadies have been sad after putting work into a homework task and their Buddy missing it ๐Ÿ™ It can come in many forms and file types so make sure to check all the different tabs in the classroom!

The homework is also a great opening as you can make sure the content from the previous session has been understood correctly, and there is time for you to really reflect on the work that your Bready has been doing. It should take a few minutes to go over!

New Content 

Here is the time to get down to business. It is important that the course material should be taken at the Bready’s pace and not rushed to get all the content in before the end of the session, what’s important is the material is tailored to the needs and speeds of Breadies, and includes lots of extension questions to make it fun and unique to each student.

Setting Homework and the Game Slide 

When you reach the end of the lesson and you’ve got about 5 minutes left, here you can be a bit flexible! If you feel the Bready is in desperate need for the game, go for it! This time is important for you to reconnect with the Bready on a fun level, and also look at the knowledge gained in a way that is not serious or task based.

It is important that the game is used at the end of the session, as normal Breadies quickly get used to the structure of the session and know that it’s coming. In the same way knowing chocolate cake is in the fridge ready for after sessions can give you a rush, so too is it for Breadies knowing that at the end of class they can unwind with a game. If the game is played earlier on, there is the potential for Breadies to lose interest and get tired earlier on.

The homework for the lesson can either be set just before the game, or come as the closing point. This is entirely up to you and what you feel is right.

Our other fabulous vlogger Trudie will be looking at how to effectively close a session, with her tips on how to structure the game, go through homework, and if it is a new or Taster Bready, how to end the session in a memorable way!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post. As always, if you have anything to add, any suggestions or any comments, please either message below or send us an email to socialmedia@iqbar.co.uk!