From 5pm (UK time) today, Sunday the 21st of July, IQBar will be launching its new classroom! The new system works similarly to our old classroom, but with a number of upgrades and new features that makes teaching on the platform just that little bit more efficient and fun!

So what are the changes and what does this mean for teaching from today?

First of all, the classroom has a fresh new look! As you can see from the image above, gone is the dark and rather serious looking blue and in comes a soft and welcoming purple!

The toolbar feature for pens, colours and shapes is in the same place, although is now collapsible, so Buddies can make the most of the space for the classroom content and whiteboard.

Other differences in the appearance come from the new toolbar at the top left of the screen which brings drop-down options. For example, rather than being a second tab for the whiteboard, you now can create a pop-up whiteboard by selecting the feature in the top toolbar.

All of the tools such as the timer, turntable and multiple choice answers are all the same.

The appearance of the new top toolbar.

New Features 

Adjusting colour and width of tools.

One of the changes which I’m sure all current Buddies will celebrate is the options for changing colour and width. Now, all tools, be it pen, shape, line or arrow can have its own width and colour without having to faff about when making a change each time. Saving a lot of time and effort!

The laser pen is now a lot larger, so it is much easier for your Bready to follow what you’re referring to on the screen.

There are now also three different options for the screen, meaning you can stick to the default where the classroom materials are the largest element, with the video to the side, or change it so the webcam video is the whole screen. This feature is perfect for when you’re having a talking activity with older Breadies.

One of the new formats you can use in the classroom

Ultimately, the new classroom provides you with more options. You can decide what it looks like, when the Bready can use the pen and when they can’t, and what activities you decide to do in the classroom.

The system now works faster, and we’ve tried to incorporate suggestions from current Buddies to make sure the classroom is the most effective it can be.

If you’re a Buddy and you would like to find out more about how to use the new classroom, you can find a tab called ‘New Classroom’ in the Seminars and Announcement group, as well as a how-to file put together by Estelle and Ronnie.

Want to let us know what you think about the new classroom? Comment below or send us an email at!