This month, IQBar is celebrating Buddy independence by highlighting exactly where to find resources, who to contact if needing to relay information, and adding extra learning resources. Independence at work has been proven to increase work satisfaction as you take matters into your own hands, rather than having to sit and wait for answers or feeling confused. This means you can get straight down to business, spending more time on the important things in life… like making a cup of tea or planning sessions!

So in this week’s Tip for Tuesday we’re looking at the different places you can find resources and information.


If you’re looking for tips, ideas and information about teaching on the platform, additional roles at IQBar, or the application and training process – look no further! Our two excellent vloggers Kyle and Trudie produce a new vlog each week on different themes. There are playlists on all different areas so it’s easy to navigate if there’s one particular area you’re looking for. You can find all the videos on our Youtube channel here:

The Blog

If you’re reading this, congratulations – you’ve made it to the blog! Written over the course of two and a half years, this blog is a wealth of information about all things IQBar. If you’re looking for anything from what’s included in the Buddy Prop Packs, to what happens at a particular Chinese festival, to teaching theories, the blog is the place for you. Look out for the search bar at the top and categories to help specify your search.


To centralise all documents and information, we’ve moved all the documents found in the Google Drive and Padlet to Teams! Simply head to the ‘Lesson Questions’ tab on Teams, click on the ‘Files’ tab at the top, and there you will find all the shared resources, files and FAQs. This is particularly useful if you are looking for a template or worksheet that you know is in circulation but you’re unsure where it’s stored. No need to ask in any groups and waiting for a response!

On Teams, you can also find all the previous newsletters and seminar recordings so if there is a particular area that you know was covered, but you either missed the seminar or want to watch it back, it’s easy to find all in one place.

The Website

The final place where you can find information surrounding IQBar is the website. If you’re looking for resources, information on pay, guides and so on, all of these can be located on

We are also in the process of creating lots of pdf guides on particular areas such as Picaro, Phonics or Exam Prep. These will be available to download 24/7 so if you’ve got a new student covering a course you’re a little wobbly with – fear not! The guides will be there.

Now go fly! We hope with these resources, you can be the best teacher you can be, and feel capable and confident in working your way around the teaching process.

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please add below or email us at!