Hi there Buddies! My name is Loyd and I have been a part of the IQBar family for almost a year now. I started off as a very excited contracted Buddy and I have been enjoying teaching sessions to many regular and new Breadies ever since. I have grown and developed as a Buddy through teaching over 1700 sessions to date. I enjoy creating lasting and meaningful connections with many of my Breadies whilst being privileged enough to witness their progress through the different English proficiency levels. What a wonderful job we have!

In March of 2019, I responded to an advert internally posted for a position as an Interviewer within IQBar. I figured that I would be a great candidate for the role as I respect and value the role of Buddy tremendously whilst having an interest in working with fellow Buddies (or should I say ‘potential Buddies’). I was lucky enough to be selected and joined the Interviewers Team! Interviewing candidates interested in becoming a part of our family at IQBar has been a remarkable process. The process has been enlightening and has afforded me the opportunity to meet many new people interested in becoming a part of our ever-growing family of Buddies. I have also been able to better grasp the essence of IQBar and what we stand for and believe in. What a wonderful job and company we have!

After settling in within the Interviewing team I was lucky enough, once again, to be considered for a recruitment consultant role within IQBar. This role allows me to work more closely with Sue behind the scenes. I assist Sue with both new and pending application processing as well as corresponding with candidates via email from the recruitment email address. I also interview candidates and fill in for any interviewers that are unable to conduct their sessions, for whatever reason. Together we in the recruitment team try our very best to find Buddies that both share in our values and passion for teaching. We strive to be fair, inclusive and supportive at all times.

Almost a year on and IQBar has invested in me and allowed me to grow and flourish within the company. I hope to continue adding to IQBar’s growth and development in return. I can’t wait to see where we go from here!