In this week’s #TipForTuesday we’re going to be looking at the team who work tirelessly behind the scenes for Buddies to make sure everyone feels supported, comfortable and can develop themselves while teaching on the platform.

As anyone who has become a Buddy over the past year will know, there has been a huge shift in the feedback and support network at IQBar; meaning more specific roles, more additional positions for Breadies, and a larger focus on professional development. With this, the core team has developed to include many Buddies as part of the managing and coordination. Let’s take a quick tour through IQBar and how it works and the many friendly faces you will meet along the way.

IQBar’s core team can be divided into four departments:

Within each department, there is a team of wonderful coordinators, trainers assessors and observers who work together to make sure that all areas of IQBar run smoothly and that everyone within the company feels supported and listened to.

Teaching Quality 

‘What is ‘teaching quality’?’ you ask. Good question! Teaching quality is potentially the most important part of IQBar. It is this department that focuses on our Buddies, a great community that spans countries and continents, ages and levels. It is here Buddies can find support for when they are in need of advice, training, if they are new, and observations to make sure they are developing to be the best teacher they can be.

Under our Teaching Quality Manager Tamsyn, the department can be further broken down into Trial Teaching Quality, Support and Contracted/Flexi Teaching Quality which are led by our excellent Buddies and coordinators:


If you’ve become a Buddy at IQBar, chances are you would have met our lovely training coordinators when going through the mock session or classroom training. The coordinators who make sure all trainers are happy and kept up to date are:

You can watch an interview with Ronnie on our Youtube channel:

Bready Assessment

Before any teaching can take place, it’s fundamentally important that Breadies are working to the right level. That’s were our Bready Assessment Coordinator comes in! Under Latife, Lisa and Brent make sure that Breadies are always working to the right level, whether that’s during their first session, or midway through the course where you get the inkling that the work is actually a little too easy or difficult for your Bready. Our Assessment Coordinators are:

And for our recruitment team, recently having joined Sue as our Senior Interviewer is Lloyd whose introduction you can read here:

If you would like to find out more information or to contact any of our managers and coordinators, don’t forget you can find all the relevant email addresses in our recent blog post: we’re a friendly bunch!