School, college, university, are some of the places you’ll find the two most essential instruments for learning to occur; both a teacher and a student. For many years this has been the way to “effectively” teach a subject and for a student to learn. It is what we would say the traditional teaching method. However with the advancement of technology we’ve come along way. We now have the facilities and platform to teach online which IQBar is currently doing.

Teaching is something I enjoy doing. Whether that’s teaching my peers content we are studying at university or tutoring children. However, having an unpredictable schedule as a medical student has meant I can’t necessarily be physically present with the student. Hence I decided to throw myself in the deep end and get a taste of what online teaching is all about.

If I’m being completely honest I was rather skeptical when signing up with IQBar with regards to how effective online teaching would be. Surely classroom centered teaching would be much more effective. I had many concerns such as would my students walk away during their lesson, will they come back, how will I assess them, how would parent evenings work, etc.? My biggest fear was what if my Bready just leaves me halfway how would I stop them!

It all comes down to something very simple and that is engagement. If you think about it teaching in a classroom environment is rather rigid and structured. Your student can zone out if engagement is not great. Even though they may be right in front of you they’re not there. The same principle applies to online teaching you have to be creative and keep your bready engaged this will keep them learning. IQBar allows instant one to one engagement with your bready making the learning experience as personal and tailored as possible.

Another misconception I had about online teaching was the fact that the student can access the lesson at any location suitable to them. Not having a structured location could be a potential setback as the student may be too relaxed to learn and could easily get distracted with things around them. However, I soon realised that having the flexibility in where you choose to conduct your lessons is actually of benefit. For learning to be as effective as possible the student must be in an environment where they feel comfortable and safe to ask questions. Learning should be a relaxed environment rather than forced. When you are forced to learn in a setting you’ll only remember what you’ve been taught at that particular point. Once you leave the information leaves with you. However, when the environment is relaxed the learning process is no longer forced and is enjoyable for the bready. Meaning they don’t consider it burdensome so they can take the information away with them.

To teach effectively I think it’s important for you to have some sort of communication with guardians of the individual. I was rather concerned as to how this would happen. I wasn’t too sure how parent evenings would work or how I would be able to communicate across the progress of the bready. This is where the reviews come in. I find the review layout is organised in a way that makes it simple and clear for parents/guardians to learn what their child studied. Not only this but the concept of SMART targets makes it possible for the parents to learn how they can help facilitate their Childs learning outside of IQBar. Parents don’t have to wait an entire term to see how their child is progressing. Instead through the amazing review form, they can immediately see what’s been going on. The learning process doesn’t stop and is continuous which is great to see.

With all this said, my experience of online teaching has been incredible. I’ve seen how Breadies can grow and learn in simply 30mins. I believe any form of education does not depend on the quantity but rather the quality which is ensured in online learning.
If anything I think being part of the IQBar team has meant I would personally like to consider enrolling in online courses. I always feared that there would be little communication or I’d be left completely to my own devices. However, working as a buddy and being part of all the engagement groups has shown me you are never alone. There is a lot of training and guidance given to online teachers to ensure teaching is delivered to a high level of standard. The students’ best interest is always in favour. I cannot wait to embark on my own online learning experience to switch up the roles a little!