My experience entering the wrong classroom.
Being a buddy for almost a year now, I would have never thought that I would make the mistake of entering the wrong classroom. I always enter all of my classrooms at least 5 minutes before the start time so that I can prepare for the upcoming lesson.

However, I would like to share my experience with all of you, in hopes that this might help other buddies from making the same careless mistake that I did.

It was a Saturday and I had back to back sessions weekends are always very busy for most buddies, I completed my previous lesson and entered my next lesson and uploaded all the necessary material as I usually would. When it was time to start the lesson, I hit the start button and noticed that my student was not there yet, so I continued completing my feedback reports while waiting for him to show up. After 15 minutes into the lesson, to my surprise I was tagged in the absence group requesting me to enter the classroom, shocked and confused, I thought to myself “but I am in the classroom, I’m sure it’s a glitch”. A minute later I received a call from Tamsyn asking me to please enter the classroom, so with confidence, I said: ” I am in the classroom, I don’t know why no one can see me”.

Tamsyn responded to me by saying “I am in the classroom too, I think you’re in the wrong class, just re-enter please”. When I was about to press the “X” to exit the classroom on the chrome tab, it was then that I realized I was definitely in the wrong classroom, I was so embarrassed, but I pulled myself together and I entered the correct classroom this time and completed my lesson. It wasn’t a great feeling as I felt as if my bready would think that I am highly unprofessional and unpunctual; this is not the type of teacher I would like to portray myself as. So I promised myself that I would do the best that I could in order not to repeat the same mistake and represent Iqbar as a professional and highly punctual teacher as best as I could.

Ways to avoid entering the incorrect classroom.
With many back to back sessions sometimes this mistake can easily and most certainly happen to anyone, but I am always one to learn from my mistakes and after this incident, I now have two ways in which I can always prevent myself from repeating the same mistake and which could prevent other buddies as well from entering the wrong classroom.

When you enter the classroom always take a look at the chrome tab that’s open on the top next to the Iqbar tab it opens up as soon as you click on “enter the classroom “, it will show your name and the students name of which you are going to teach e.g.: “Tasleem Mohideen with Linda”, check if the students name corresponds with the name of the student in the time slot that you’re supposed to be teaching. Another tip which was given to me by the teaching quality team is to look out for the assistant, if no assistant shows up in the classroom at least 10 minutes into the lesson, make sure to double-check if you are actually in the correct classroom, and if you’re really in doubt just exit and re-enter the classroom again.

The reason why it’s important and always a good idea to double-check that you are the correct classroom is because, breadies and their parents tend to love buddies who are professional, well prepared and who are always on time, entering the wrong classroom can make a buddy seem as if they are late and unprepared for the lesson, this looks bad on the buddy and Iqbar as a whole. You could also lose a regular student because of this little mistake or even lose out on a bonus from a bready doing a taster, as it would seem as if you are unpunctual and unprofessional and the bready might decide not to sign up with Iqbar.

It’s the minor things that always make the biggest difference, just by double-checking that you’re in the correct class would save you from the embarrassment and from losing any students, it only takes a few seconds or at most a minute, remember follow those easy tips to help you and guide in checking if you’re in the correct classroom, they are really easy and simple to follow. Needless to say, we all make mistakes now and then, and that’s perfectly ok.

“In every mistake, there is a potential for growth.”