To celebrate the 60th Birthday of Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham on 2nd March 2020 we decided to hold a 50 Word Story competition

The competition was simple. Create a 50-word story and the top 5 would be posted in our blog

The response was fantastic and we received many great stories

Before we announce the Top 5 we feel it would fitting to give you some facts about the good Doctor himself:

Now we’re all clued up on Dr. Seuss, let’s get to our competition entries

As this competition was held purely for fun there is no ranking system, in fact, we were so happy with the response and quality of the stories we received, we decided to disregard the top 5 element of the competition and post the best ones. Granted, the title of this article is now a touch misleading but we couldn’t whittle the entries down to just 5! 

Here are our incredible 50-word story entries:

Once upon a time, somewhere in China, a new toy was created. 

Was it a moose? was it a deer? we weren’t sure. 

We do know he’s a global social media star, scientist, artist and loved by all. 

All the other toys are now jealous of Buckey, whatever he is!

It was a sunny day and the children wanted to eat food.

Grace said, “Let’s see if Biscuit likes apple”.

“Sit Biscuit”, said Bobby. “Try a piece of apple”.

Biscuit wagged and wagged his tail. Biscuit barked and ate the apple. Grace laughed. She wanted a piece too and so did Bobby. Grace likes apple.

Bobby said, “Biscuit likes apple too”.

Bobby and Grace loved their dog Biscuit very much and wanted to give him their favourite food – hamburger.

It was a big hamburger and too much for Bobby and Grace.

Biscuit wagged and wagged his tail. Biscuit barked and barked.

“Sit Biscuit”, said Grace.

Biscuit wagged and wagged his tail. Biscuit wanted to eat hamburger too.

Biscuit barked and barked and ate his piece of hamburger. Biscuit loved it very much.

The children laughed and laughed and said, “His favourite food is hamburger too”.

Mr frog was a lonely frog, he only had a pet log. 

 He longed for someone to talk to that could respond. 

 Then suddenly a fly, flew on by. Was this his chance to say hi? 

 He opened his mouth…Oh no, Mr frog gobbled up the fly in one try. 

Blue moons and blue lands

1 hand 2 hands 

Who stands in blue sands

There’s a new blue man 

Standing in blue lands

Using his two hands 

To cook with his blue pans

Blue fish for you

Blue fish for me

We are just blue

And free like the sea.

Buckey Moose went to the shop,

Wanting to buy a lollipop.

When he searched around for some dollar,

‘My wallet’s gone!’ he did holler.

Phonics Fox, saw his dismay,

Approached the till; offered to pay.

Buckey was happy he was out of this bind,

This story’s moral? Remember, #bekind.

Reggie the Raindrop was terribly excited. Today was his first freefall out of The Mother Cloud to the earth below.

“Choose wisely where you land,” Mother Cloud said.

He heard the songs of praise from Farmer Brown’s home long before he and his friends landed in the Cabbage Patch

To write a tale of fifty words,

 a challenge for the language nerds!

In the style of Seuss, the clever doctor,

poet, wordsmith, rhyme concoctor!

A poem writing competition,

In the doctor’s own tradition

Writing in iambic meter

Makes the rhyming so much sweeter!

And now I’m running out of

Thank you to everyone who has taken part! You all done wonderfully.