Please be aware that the clocks will be changing towards the end of the month. On Sunday 29th March at 1am, the UK clocks will go forward by 1 hour. 

What is Daylight Saving Time? 

Twice a year the UK takes part in Daylight Saving, where the time changes by one hour, and every year without fail, this causes widespread confusion across the country, and oftentimes, across the world! So what exactly is Daylight Saving, and how will this affect our Buddies? 

Daylight Saving was first introduced in Germany in 1916. The purpose of it was to make the evenings longer, so when people have finished work or school, they have an extra hour of daylight to do their own activities. After it was introduced in Germany, Daylight Saving spread to the US, UK, and other areas further away from the equator.  

Some countries have proposed keeping Daylight Saving Time all year round! In countries where this has been imposed, however, such as Russia, it has quickly been removed due to too many complaints about dark mornings.  

How will Daylight Saving affect Buddies? 

This year in the UK, the clocks will go forward by 1 hour on Sunday 29th March at 1am. Because of this, you will notice that your hours will appear differently on your timesheet from this date. If you are in the UK, your teaching times will also move forward by one hour. So, for example, if your hours are 9AM – 1PM GMT, this will become 10AM – 2PM BST from 29th March.  

If you are in a country that does not take part in daylight savings, such as South Africa, your teaching times will remain the same in your local time, but the UK equivalent will be one hour ahead. For example, if we currently book a lesson at 10AM UK time, this is 12PM SA time. After the change, 10AM UK time becomes 11AM SA time.  

Also, please note that Beijing does not take part in Daylight Saving, so this can cause further confusion. A useful website:, where you can search for various time zones and have them all displayed in one place.  

Please also be aware that Teaching Quality and Support hours will change to 8AM – 8PM UK time. 

If you have any queries, please email