The most light-hearted day of the year is here! Happy April Fool’s Day! 

A day to celebrate practical jokes and laugh at the gullible. The time of year where we all think of our friends and family to deduce what person is the most susceptible to an outlandish hoax.    

Instead of planning a practical joke on friends and family that would impress Sherlock Holmes’ arch-nemesis, Moriarty. I’ve decided to share 5 impressive April Fool’s pranks that you may not have heard of.    

Bathing Lion

One of the earliest April Fool’s Day pranks on record was in 1698. Londoners were told to go and watch the annual ‘washing of the lions’ ceremony at the Tower of London. People turned up at the Tower of London, but there was no annual lion-washing ceremony. 

The prank worked so well, that people kept pulling it year after year, targeting mostly out-of-towners. 

By the mid-19th century, pranksters had printed up fake tickets. Hundreds of thousands of people would show up. Only to realise they’d been tricked. 

Keep Your Feet on the Ground 

On the 1st April 1976, the BBC announced that the Earth’s gravity would reduce slightly and whoever jumped in the air would float slightly! People who hadn’t noticed the date might have jumped to realise that mother Earth cannot lose its attraction and that’s where The BBC’s mission might have been accomplished. 

Flying Penguins! 

In 2008, the BBC again broadcasted news saying the penguins in Antarctica had started to fly. It’s not just that! They also stated that those penguins had flown to South America’s tropical rainforests. Who would have thought the BBC had a cheeky sense of humour?  

Indecent Animals 

Even National Geographic got in on the fun in 2016. The media company surprised the world when it announced on Twitter that National Geographic would no longer be publishing photographs of naked animals. 

Readers who clicked through to the story were greeted with “April Fools” and a gallery of adorably dressed puppies and kittens. 

Stealing treasure 

In 1905, the Berliner Tageblatt, a German newspaper, reported that thieves had tunnelled underneath the U.S. Federal Treasury and stolen all of its silver and gold. The story was quickly picked up by papers throughout Europe and the United States. It was huge news—or would have been, if true. Does this remind you of a certain Bruce Willis action film? 

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