Learn about International Haiku Day the appropriate way.

April seventeenth- 

When the world gets together 

to promote haiku!  

It is haiku day. 

They are a kind of poem 

that come from Japan. 

It was founded in 

2007 by  

The Haiku Founda- 

tion, a charity 

that seeks to promote haiku 

and literacy, 

cultural exchange 

creative education 

and love of language. 

Haiku convey the 

majestic beauty of life 

through the written word.  

They have a formal  

structure like a delicate 

flower or snowflake. 

The first line has five 

syllables and the second 

line contains seven. 

The last line also  

contains five syllables and 

resolves the poem. 

If you love words too, 

Why don’t you try to write one 

or two, as it’s fun!  

You can get involved 

online through exhibitions, 

readings and events.  

For more informa- 

tion visit double u doub- 

le u double u 

dot the haiku foun- 

dation dot org to find out  

How you can join in!