Thursday 23rd April is English Language Day. Today celebrates the history, culture and achievements associated with the English language. The event was established by the United Nation’s Department of Public Information in 2010 to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity.

English is commonly referred to as a ‘world language’, or a lingua franca which is a common language used by speakers of different languages. There are several variations of English, including American English, Singapore English and Nigerian English to name a few!

As IQBar Buddies, the English language connects us all together. We use English to communicate with each other, as well as to teach our Breadies. In honour of English Language Day, this blog will be highlighting 4 different ways you can celebrate the day during quarantine.  

  • Joining an online book club.

As the world goes into lockdown, more and more things are moving online to keep people connected in a virtual way. Something that is gaining online popularity are book clubs. For instance, Twitter users are using the hashtag #CoronavirusReadingStack where they are sharing images of their books collections. Similarly, Quarantine Book Club ( is holding live Q&A’s with your favourite authors ‘without touching anyone’. There are plenty of online book clubs to engage with during this time of isolation, including the IQBar book club which is currently being setup! So, why not pick up a book and join one!

  • Writing hand-written letters to friends and family.

Now, they don’t have to be hand-written. But in a time where there’s not much to do… why not?! Taking the time to reach out to a loved one via letter, rather than virtually is a memorable way to connect with people. A thoughtful letter can be treasured for years. They’re sentimental, and most importantly, they’re physical. Online communication is so quick and easy that it can sometimes be meaningless. However, letters are a physical confirmation of how important a friend or family member is to you. They also create a wonderful surprise!

  • Taking part in online English games and quizzes.

As we’re all aware, there are a plethora of games available online. Take a break from Candy Crush and enjoy an online crossword, word search, or my personal favourite: a letter scramble game. Put your English skills to the test whilst also having fun!

  • Creating a short story or poem.

Let your creative juices flow and write a short story or poem! Keeping it short and sweet makes it much easier to envision the end goal, and not be overwhelmed with the daunting task of producing pages and pages of writing. Not only is this a great project to focus on, it also keeps you writing on a regular basis, and eases you back into writing if it’s something you haven’t done in a long time. Short stories and poems are easily shareable, so whether you’d like to show your friends, family, or strangers online, it’s extremely easy to do so!

So, how are you going to spend English Language Day?

Playing online scrabble? Penning a letter to a friend abroad? Sharing one of your literary creations to an online audience? Let us know on our social media!