Summer is here!
The Summer Solstice (between the 20th and 22nd June) marks the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.
Depending on where you are in the world, June can usher in the hope of warm, bright days (we try to be optimistic here in Britain!) or it can herald cooler months ahead, like in South Africa.
No matter where you might be, we want to help extend the summer mood with some ideas in this blog.
As we are all aware, these are unusual times, so our main priority here at IQBar is keeping one another safe. So, the ideas below are designed with that in mind.

Treasure Hunt
You can use your house, apartment, or garden for this activity. It’s great for families.
Firstly, plan out the route of your treasure hunt.
Write down the clues, 7-8 are perfect for most ages.
(If you are a parent, you might want to do this while the children are in bed to avoid ‘unnecessary questions’).
Hide the clues while no one is looking and at the end, stash a prize.
If you have time, you can be really creative and make pirate hats and eye patches with your children before the do the treasure hunt.

Scavenger Hunt
A variation of the treasure hunt idea, a scavenger hunt is all about collecting specific items on a list. The first person or team to return to base (the kitchen!) with their completed list wins. There are two types of scavenger hunt – indoor and outdoor.

Many a lost toy has turned up in a scavenger hunt and it’s a good way of reacquainting children with their belongings.
You can compile a list of items yourself, or print off a list here:

Great for the summer months! Garden scavenge hunts can include leaves, stones of different colours, and random objects like a feather.

Photo Capture
Depending on the age of your children, you can broaden out the range of things to ‘collect’ by getting them to take a photo of a bird, an object of a certain colour like ‘something silver’. This helps children think creatively and come back with more interesting results.
A photo capture challenge can be played both indoor and outdoor, under supervision of course.

Sports Day
With respect to the current guidelines regarding gatherings, it is possible to conduct a garden or park-based sports day with a group of up to 6 people. In the UK, these people no longer have to be from one household as long as social distancing is maintained. One possible scenario could be two supervising adults and four children from two households.
*Please check your local guidelines for up to date information.
What do you need?
For classic sports day activities, you can find or make items at home. For example:
Bean bag race – this involves running to a marker whilst balancing a bean bag on your head.
It’s very easy to make these by just filling zip-lock bags with rice.
Egg and spoon race. If you decide to use real eggs, it’s best to boil them for 10 minutes. Otherwise, you can use squash balls or anything of a similar size and shape.
Obstacle race – you can include anything you have at home such as hula hoops, play tunnels, boxes, etc.
All of these races can be conducted with social distancing by placing the start and finish markers two-meter apart.
In any sports day, there are also standing on the spot events. This is your chance to see if the adults can beat the kids in star jumps!
Of course, no sports days would be complete without medals, so for a craft idea, why not enlist the help of your children in making gold, silver and bronze awards. All you will need is a metallic card or paint and ribbon. More fun craft ideas are featured regularly on our social media sites.
Finally, don’t forget to include a Fitness Friday workout in your warmup!