Children’s Art Week is run every year by ‘Engage’ who promote art education in the UK. This year, with the global situation, a lot of the events are being run online. It takes place across three weeks in June and July and each week has a theme which can be found here: .

The theme for the first week (29th June) is ‘The Natural World’.

The Benefits of Art for Children

Give most children a paint brush and paint and they will enjoy themselves. However, alongside the entertainment aspect of art, there are many other benefits. Skills developed whilst doing art can be transferred to many other areas of life and schoolwork.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination

Making a piece of artwork inevitably needs children to use their fine motor skills. Tasks such as holding a paint brush, cutting with scissors, and sculpting clay all involve hand-eye coordination. The more often children practice their fine motor skills, the better they become which benefits them later in activities such as writing.

  • Creativity

Art is a creative subject that allows children to express themselves. If this is done in an open-ended way where children are allowed to enjoy the process instead of being judged on the outcome then children will have their imaginations stimulated. This benefits them because once they have imagined something, they have to use problem-solving skills to make their ideas real. This has been shown to boost academic results.

  • Concentration

If children participate in something they enjoy, they fully engage with it and are better able to concentrate. Finishing art projects can give children a huge sense of achievement and help to build their self-esteem.

  • Language Development

Whilst making art, children can develop their vocabulary from learning colours, shapes and actions through to how express their feelings about different types of art.

  • Academic Performance

Studies show there is a correlation between art and other achievement. One study found that young people who regularly participate in the arts are four times more likely to be recognised for an academic achievement.

Some Inspiration

To give you some more ideas, here is a selection of work from our Buddies’ talented children of different ages:

Luke’s River and Tree
Hazely’s Rainbow
Bees and a Pegasus by Daisy
Eyes, Andy Warhol, Friday Kahlo and Picasso by Alessandro Gueli.

Just goes to show where these children can end up if they start with the basics and have fun!

We’d love to see more of your pictures, you can send them to