IQBar’s motto is “making global education personal”.

We value this motto and strongly believe it is something that sets us apart from other online companies. It can be too easy for online education to become impersonal and it can be difficult for students to feel like their needs are being catered for. We are different from other education providers and strive to make each Bready feel like an individual. There are a number of ways we do this, one way is the “Special Requirements” that are part of each Bready’s profile.

What are special requirements?
Special Requirements can be found under “Details of the Course” in your session manager. They are set in collaboration with the Bready’s parents and the TQ team. They are not set in stone and can be changed and often do so!

You might see special requirements covering issues like:
• How many songs to play per session
• If the Bready can use the whiteboard tools or not
• Whether the Bready likes a lot of extension material
• How much grammar correction the Bready would like during the lesson
• The types of activity the Bready prefers
• If the Bready’s parents can help with their homework or not
• Details of any upcoming exams
• If the Bready needs more support in certain areas
• Any specific interests the Bready has that may help them stay focused in lessons

Why do we have them?
People all learn in different ways and at different paces. There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach for education. When people are treated as individuals and their needs are considered, they feel valued as a person and feel better able to learn. By making lessons personal to the Bready it shows them we care about their needs and allows us to teach to their strengths, skills, and interests which allows greater progress to be made.

There are different types of special requirement. As you can see from the list of examples above, some are there to take into account the age and level of Bready. Some younger Breadies may struggle to stay focused unless any specific interests or type of activity is included in a lesson. Others may just be to inform the Buddy about an issue the Bready is having such as when their exam is going to be. This information can be used to help plan lessons and take into account extra stress the Bready is going through.

There may also be cases where the special requirement is there for a health reason. We have some Breadies who can’t have songs in lessons as they struggle with the music or flickering images due to a health condition that could be triggered by the flicking lights.
Some special requirements may be a parental request, some don’t like games and songs in lessons and would rather their child complete more extension work instead.

It may not always seem obvious why a special requirement is on a Bready’s profile but it is important to respect that it is there and to teach according to it in your lessons.

Working with Special Requirements?
Firstly, it is important to do SOMETHING with them. One of our teaching standards (TS02) states “Check the Bready details carefully making note of special requirements” because we really do see the importance of these. If you are unsure of what the information means, or you query if it should be there at all, the first step is to ask in the “lesson queries” group. Do not just assume the requirement is incorrect, check with someone.

It is also vital to not just follow what other Buddies have done. Just because other Buddies have done something, it doesn’t mean it is right. The special requirement information may have been updated after a previous lesson or another Buddy may not have read the information correctly. Again, if you are unsure it is always best to check.

In terms of checking the information, it is important to scroll down all the way in the Bready detail boxes and expand the box if needed. We have had occasions where not all the notes have been read and information lower down in the profile has been missed.

Did you know that if you click on the two diagonal lines in the corners of text boxes on Bready’s profiles then the box expands and you can read all the information?

Even if you have a regular Bready that you have been working with for a long time, you should still frequently check the special requirements as this can change weekly. If there are changes you should be notified in the “notices from Assistants” channel, however, it is easy to miss announcements and so the best practice would be to quickly check the profile before each lesson. For some courses like ‘Exam Prep’ ones, there can be quite specific detail in the special requirements about which skills the Bready is covering. These can change frequently as they progress through the course and so for these lessons and Breadies it is even more important to check before each lesson.

Special requirements to do with the classroom pen seem to cause some issues. There are a number of reasons why a Bready shouldn’t use the pen including requests from parents, the technology they use to access the lesson, and their age and ability. Getting the Breadies actively involved in lessons is great and there are lots of occasions we might want to use the pen, however, if it doesn’t state yes or no then it is usually best to not use it. This is another time you might want to check in advance if you are unsure.

No system works perfectly! Of course, there may be occasions when the information is wrong or out of date. For example, we know there may be a few CGE requirements on the system or details from a Bready’s first Picaro course that doesn’t reflect what they are doing now. If this is the case, then please let us know so that we can update the information. Again, if in doubt please ask.

• Special requirements are there to help you teach Breadies in the best way for them.
• They may change frequently.
• They are there for a reason.
• If you have any questions or concerns, then please ask.