We’re going places in 2020, we’re going to STEM & Beyond!

 STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of integrating four subjects – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – within lessons. STEM lessons interweave these into a cohesive learning program based on real-world applications.

The benefits of teaching these four subjects together are numerous:

  • Breadies see the real application of these subjects instead of just learning the theory, when they can see the relevance then they are more likely to be engaged and active in their learning.
  • STEM careers are in high demand and it is common to use the four disciplines together and so it starts building the necessary skills from a young age.
  • Breadies learn skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking alongside the STEM theory.
  • Teaching STEM subjects together leads to creativity, new ideas, and innovation. 
  • Breadies are encouraged to experiment, make things, research, and work together. 

The IQBAR STEM course has been designed to work with the English school curriculum and has different levels based on the English Key Stages of Education but made for our global Breadies. 

After the success and early popularity of the STEM lessons, we are going even further and launching STEM & Beyond. This is a unique IQBar course, developed by Buddies themselves that will cover a huge range of Academic subjects from Literature right through to Healthy Thinking and Philosophy. 

The course integrates together around a theme and Breadies will have flexibility over how many and which subjects they study with us. They then will have the chance to progress with these subjects right up to Advanced pre-university level, linking in with our Academic one on one sessions.

This is an exciting time for the course development at IQBar. We believe this is going to be a unique course that our Breadies will love, so there will be plenty of opportunities for Buddies to get involved. 

To give you a taster, we’ll look at the first theme…..animal magic.

Challenge – which Buddy can be the first to e-mail academic@iqbar.co.uk with an animal that starts with every letter of the alphabet from A-Z. We’ll start off with A is for Aardvark….

Did that get you thinking? This is one aim of the course; it is engaging and interactive and encourages Breadies to take a very active part in their learning.

In the first theme, they will look at animals and all the subjects link in. For example, in the STEM section, they look at animal types, their environments, their diets, how technology can track their movements, and much more. Then in Geography, they look at the different environmental features and the countries where different animals live. PE, they get to move like animals and think about the muscles and parts of the body involved. History, they look at pre-historic eras and how the world was different then. It all links so that the Breadies are forming natural links between subjects and learning English in context which we know helps them to learn. 

We are excited, the first Breadies are excited and the course development team is growing. Watch this space for even more developments in the future.